First Comes First Serve The primary merchandise underneath every restaurant heading is the more than likely the one a customer will order. So, a smart restaurateur will place expensive and profitable dishes here and the food gadgets that aren’t essentially ordered in the course of meals – desserts or certain exotic food. Objects which are ordered anyway need not find a place right here as prospects will search for them elsewhere within the menu cowl.

The best way to get a feel for Greek food is by understanding the food that makes up most of its dishes. Olives are huge in Greece. There are so many kinds of olives, that the Greek prefer to say that saying you do not like olives is like saying you do not like candy: for those who do not like one variety, there are plenty extra to strive from. From black olives to inexperienced, Kalamata to Peloponessos, there is something for everyone. Of course, whenever you consider olives, you must think of olive oil, and this is a crucial part of Greek cooking as well. In truth, olive oil is used to prepare dinner virtually all foods, and is used as salad dressing or garnish on other dishes as well.

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Bear in mind this straightforward business philosophy.

Many franchise restaurants now use unsolicited mail and discounting to drive extra visitors to their restaurants. The casual eating sector is experiencing a downturn due to the financial elements and increasingly, to quick-food restaurants competing with the casual-eating sector. Yet I’ve found over the last three months that doing month-to-month events that pair food and particular liquor merchandise or wine will assist enhance your food gross sales on slower nights with little or minimal advertising.

In case you are not aware of the format of a restaurant employee handbook, then you might download a template of this restaurant type from one of those websites on restaurant management. The templates cover only the fundamental rules and you might need to edit them to add your own set of policies.

However there’s far more you are able to do.

Lillestrom can provide a wealthy nightlife for a norwegian city of its size. There are a number of fashionable night golf equipment and nice pubs that appeal to individuals from the world close to by and visitors to the commerce gala’s. The persons are pleasant, completely happy and including to travelers from abroad. Norwegians additionally speak good english, so it is simple to make yourself understood.

Those restaurant managers who try to make decisions based mostly purely on instincts and luck, typically find that they don’t seem to be as lucky as their counterparts who’re gathering data. You may be lucky extra usually if you have carried out your homework earlier than making a decision, and restaurant accounting software program will aid you together with your homework.


When you’re getting all excited about what the internet has to supply, don’t skip your native media. In case your supply car is a big cargo van, you can use the blank sides for giant car decals. Garbage cans should be emptied regularly. Persons are shifting in or out and new competition may be opening.