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Cranial Nerve Test with Pat LaFontaine & Dr. James Kelly

Watch what this test entails.

35 Min Practical: Part 1- The Practical

This video is to help students better visualize how the 35 minute CS Practical should be like. Pay close attention to how the patient (Avi Motola) answers the doctor (Frank Mai). Also notice the lighting for each procedure as well as how the doctor informs the patient about what procedure he is performing. Stay tuned for Part 2- Helpful Hints and Things NOT to do as a patient. Note: This is Salus University year 2013. Standards may be different for other universities and change throughout the years.

ABC Chiropractic Demo (www.BeTrulyWell.com)

A demonstration of the ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction) Chiropractic technique by Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey West of Be Truly Well Chiropractic and Day Spa Newark, Delaware http://www.betrulywell.com

First Person Routine Eye Exam

A routine eye exam with Nevada Eye Physicians as seen in first person.

The Orbital Exam

Title: The Orbital Exam Author: Tom Oberg, MD Date: 3/08/2017 From Moran CORE Collection: http://morancore.utah.edu

An explanation of what goes into an eye exam. How is it done? What is the Doctor looking for? And what you need to be aware of. For more information please visit Simon Eye Associates http://www.simoneye.com

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