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Animals of Zimbabwe

This video answers the question many children in North America ask: "What animals do you have in Zimbabwe?" This is not an exhaustive selection, but a reasonable cross section of the game we see in Doma, Zimbabwe. We stayed away from snakes, which are abundant in Doma, to reduce the scare factor for many viewers! This video was created for children in vacation Bible schools and Christian camps. Music was created in GarageBand, and the song, "By and By" performed by Selah is also featured.

Zimbabwe Harare, my trip November 2016 n2

Top 10 Private Schools in Zimbabwe

Created by Flash Portal in Harare Zimbabwe Facebook Twitter Youtube Music by Cake By The Ocean (Cover Instrumental) [In the Style of DNCE] Tinie Tempah Girls Like Pop Instrumental Little Dragon - Ritual Union Sia 'Cheap Thrills' (Oficial Instrumental) The following have been accredited in our video Liz Foggitt Sean Milne google maps Natalie Ncube Nyasha Warinda 24hrs100 Munatsi Gwats Stephen Brown Hellenic Academy Joseph Museba Tatenda Mbudzi Zimbabwe Schools Xtra Peterhouse Zimbabwe

Top 25 Secondary Schools in Africa 2016-2017

List of the best secondary schools from different countries across Africa...These are schools which have historical prominence at a national and regional level .

Learning Shona - Lesson One

Basics - vowels

Names of animals in Zimbabwe's most spoken language Shona. Good for kids born abroad who are trying to learn shona.

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