2018 Dacia Duster 4X4 SUV Design Overview & Extreme OFF ROAD (UK Spec) HD

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New Dacia Duster 2018 | 4x4 Driving footage in muddy terrain

New Dacia Duster 2018 1,5 dCi 4x4 (Classic winter tires) off-road driving footage in mud. Test Dacia Duster 4x4 v náročném bahnitém terénu. Pohon všech kol obstál na výbornou. Testen Sie den neuen Dacia Duster in schwierigem Gelände. Испытайте новый Dacia Duster в сложной местности

Dacia Duster 2018 the modern and robust SUV

The second generation Dacia Duster continues to offer a trendy compact 5-door SUV Crossover for supermini money. A new car for the price of a second hand one is always a tempting prospect and when it's as smartly styled and capable as Dacia's Duster, the concept becomes particularly appealing. Undercutting rival models in the small SUV segment by an enormous amount, this Romanian budget brand uses proven Renault engineering to create a very likeable product that could prove ideal as back-up family transport. This second generation version gets more technology and a bit of extra polish, otherwise, the basic recipe's pretty much unchanged. Dig down the back of the sofa for some money and join the queue to try one. Want to get first dibs on a brand new car? Join our Facebook group today to get a sneak peek of our latest car leasing special offers before we make them public! ►https://goo.gl/SBL1fG Check out the full article here: ► Want to lease a car without breaking the bank? Find out what special offers we currently have here: ►https://goo.gl/tDGvcE Looking for a used car? Check out our all new used car service: ► https://goo.gl/2qgg1v Welcome to OSV, the UK's leading independent vehicle supplier. Our videos will tell you all you need to know about the latest cars, models, specifications and how to buy or lease from one trusted source! ALSO... Check us out on our other social media for the latest auto news, amazing car pics, funny stuff and general motor madness! ► https://www.facebook.com/vehiclefinance/ ► https://twitter.com/osvmotoringnews ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/osv-ltd/

New Dacia Duster 2018 | 4x4 Driving footage (real situations)

New Dacia Duster 2018 with 1,5 dCi (80kW) 4x4 and six-speed manual gearbox. Off-road driving footage witj new 2018 Dacia Duster (real situations). Nová Dacia Duster s naftovým agregátem 1,5 dCi o výkonu 80 kilowatt a pohonem všech kol 4x4. Jednotka je spjata se šestistupňovou manuální převodovkou. Jízdní záběry v terénu, poukazují na výborné terénní schopnosti v reálných situacích. https://dacia-fans.cz/

L200 vs Amarok vs Duster 4x4 Off Road

Lada Niva vs Mitsubishi L200, VW Amarok , Dacia Duster Off Road etkinliği Suzuki Jimny vs duster VW Amarok 4x4 vs Mitsubishi L200 4x4 vs Davi Duster 4x4 off Road ve çamurlu engebeli araziler...Amorak test Keyifli harika bir off road etkinliği olmuş Mevki: Çilimli Kaplandede Dağı Mehmet Albayrak 2018 Duster 4x4 Off Road Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3b1sCvuDho Amarok Vs Duster 4x4 Off Road ! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qphhht6ut-0


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2018 Dacia Duster 4X4 SUV Design Overview & Extreme OFF ROAD (UK Spec) HD
2018 Dacia Duster SUV Exterior Interior Design

The All-New Dacia Duster comes with new electric power steering. It reduces the effort required to turn the wheel by 35 percent, which is particularly useful when parking. What's more, the steering ratio is now six percent lower, delivering a quicker steering response and improved manoeuvrability in cities and at higher speeds on winding roads. The steering includes a system that varies steering assistance in accordance with vehicle speed for greater directional stability on motorways. It also considerably improves steering response, especially in off-road driving situations.

The car features a multi-view camera which incorporates four cameras (one at the front, one on either side and one at the rear). The system allows the driver to view the area around the vehicle and is also extremely useful to help with parking. It is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged. If the driver quickly goes into forward gear, the camera changes its view.

The camera can be activated manually by pressing the "MVC" button. The user-friendly navigation display shows one camera at a time. The driver can press the "MVC" button to turn off the system but it also switches off automatically if the vehicle's speed exceeds 20 kph. The side cameras are located under the door mirrors for a direct view of the front wheels so the car can be positioned accurately.

Hill Descent Control allows the driver to control the downhill speed of the car on steep gradients. The system acts on the vehicle's brakes to deliver outstanding stability.

The combination of Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control makes driving easier on sloping terrain.

For off-road enthusiasts, the 4X4 monitor incorporates a compass and notifies the driver of the vehicle's angle in real time.

The All-New Duster is now available with keyless entry. This system automatically opens all the doors as the driver gets close to the car and provides remote locking as they walk away. When the doors unlock, the car's direction indicators flash. The indicators flash when the doors lock, as well, coupled with an audible confirmation. The driver does not need to take their key out to start the vehicle thanks to the start/stop button.

MediaNav Evolution includes Driving Eco2 - a system tried and tested throughout Groupe Renault - and is now available with an eco-coaching feature to encourage drivers to drive more economically.

The All-New Dacia Duster continues to come with a choice of affordable engines that have been tried and tested under the bonnet of other Group models.

The SCe 115 (2WD and 4WD versions) and TCe 125 (2WD and 4WD versions) petrol engines both drive through a manual gearbox.
The dCi 90 (2WD version) and dCi 110 (2WD and 4WD versions) diesel engines are also mated to a manual gearbox, although the dCi 110 engine (2WD version) can be specified with EDC automatic transmission.
An LPG version of the SCe 115 unit is also optionally available.


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