ASMR UNAGI EEL COOKING (extremely graphic)

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Full Cow Processing To Share Meat & Beef Curry Cooking For Whole Village Peoples - Qurbani 2018

Full Cow Processing to share meat & cook Beef curry for the whole village peoples on Qurbani Eid 2018. On 2nd day of Eid we process this cow for AroundMeBD whole village peoples. About 160 KG Meat we got from the cow and we give 2 KG meat every women who cook for the villager & then we give 1/2 KG of meat every kids & villagers. Then about 55 KG of meat we cooked to feed all the village men, women & kids. About 15+ women cleaning & cooking beef curry & rice for whole village peoples. They mixed up all the ingredient with the meat then start firing. We have added English ingredient subtitle with the video. After finish cooking of rice and beef the women team serve the food to whole village peoples. Every kids & villagers got 3 pieces of meat and as much rice they want. This cow processing was not for Qurbani. We process & cutting this cow meat only for AroundMeBD village peoples. This program was held next day of Qurbani Eis 2018. We had others cow and goat for Qurbani only and this cow was only to feed villagers and share meat with them. This full food program sharing meat was arranged & funded by AroundMeBD channel only for their charity work to village peoples. We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page to see some unseen picture of daily event.

Gyros On a Rope (4K) - Primitive Cooking ASMR - Must See!

ORIGINAL KNIFE CAN BE ORDERED ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE! Dear friends! Thanks to the donator that decided to stay anonymous we were able top get a new camera and we are proud to present you the AlmazanKitchen in 4K resolution! More details, more relaxation, more astonishing nature and of course more foodporn! This is the next level of cooking for you to enjoy! Tender and soft homegrown meat coated in an awesome juicy and tasty homemade marinade, cooked deep in the forest on improvised rope grill by Almazan Kitchen not without a help of our beloved Mother Nature. Everything makes this dish the best one you ever seen… and tried! Homemade Ingredients:  1 tsp. cumin  1 tsp. coriander ............... Do you want to cook this dish by yourself? All recipes and much more you can find on Help our channel to improve: Patreon: SUBSCRIBE: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Special thanks to Danko Vukovic, Gadas Gerogin, Layer Cake Wines of Napa Valley, Johann Helbling and Tom Johnson for huge support on Patreon!

Japanese Street Food - RED CORNET FISH Sashimi Japan Okinawa Seafood

ASMR Turkish Barber Face,Head and Body Massage 120 (16 Mins) 💆‍♂️👍👍💈

Hey Guys. Here is a new asmr video for you. Thanks to you about 32K subscribers. I hope you guys enjoy our channel. In this video we visited barber Murat which he has his own channel ''Şaplak TV''. He has a really great talent on massage. He gave us a great benifit and relaxing. You will his skills on head massage and upper body massage on this video. As our new crew member. Deniz also in this massage. You guys will see more videos with him in near future. We would like to travel all over the Turkey if we can find barbers. Also we have plans about exploring the world on this path. I hope we can reach that. If you guys love our work,dont forget to share,like,comment and subscribe to our channel.If you guys would like us to make more and good quality videos. We need your support. There are some ways to support which i will explain here 1-Subscribe to our channel if you still havent! (That will makes us grow and would get sponsors) The Link is: 2-Mukbang ASMR is our new channel also take a look at it The Link is: 3-Comment,like and share our videos on other social media sites. 4-Follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram 5-Support us on Patreon. We can buy new gear and make great quality videos if you guys share your support. 6-If you guys dont like to donate. Here is the deal. We have partnership with Amazon so message us any product you wanna buy from there and we will give you our ref link. You wont give any commision but Amazon would pay us. Professional Barber Razor and Blades Gentleman Jon Prof Shaving Kit Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3-Ounce Sensual Massage Oil w/ Pure Lavender Oil - Relaxing Almond & Jojoba Oil - Women & Men – 100% Natural Blue Stop Max Massage Gel for Body Aches, Massage Oil for Women and Men - Vanilla Scented With Coconut & Jojoba Oils Coconut Oil Hair - Infused with Raw Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Keratin, & Algae Extract Aftershave Splash for Men Merhaba arkadaşlar,yeni bir masaj videosu ile karşınızdayız. 32K abone için hepinize teşekkürler. Bu videoda Kuyumcukent'ten Murat Bey'in harika masajını sizlere sunuyoruz. Kendisi gerçekten çok başarılı. Hizmeti olsun insanlığı olsun on numara diyebiliriz. Kendisine ait Şaplak TV isminde bir kanalı var. Ordan da onu takip edip destek olursanız seviniriz. Deniz artık bizim ekibin bir parçası bu yüzden sık sık onu göreceksiniz. İnşallah da biz devam ettiğimiz sürece bizimle olacak. Gayet eğlenceli keyifli bazı yerleri sert bir masaj oldu. Yeni videolar ve süprizlerimiz olacak. Tüm Türkiye'yi gezmek istiyoruz bu yüzden çevrenizde veya İstanbul dışındaysanız bulunduğunuz illerdeki berberlere bizlerden bahsedersiniz bizde geliriz çekimlerimizi yaparız ve hatta bunu sizlerle yaparız. Bunun için sosyal medyadan bize ulaşmanız yeterli. Yaptığımız işleri seviyorsanız lütfen beğenmeyi,paylaşmayı,abone olmayı ve yorum yapmayı unutmayın. Address/Adres:Merkez Mahallesi. Ladin Sokak. No:4 Kuyumcukent Atölye Blogu 1. Kat 10.Sokak 9 Numara. Yenibosna Istanbul Çambeyli Kuaför Murat Kazan Tel:0538 242 13 44. Prices/Fiyat: Saç/Haircut:25 TL Sakal/Shave:15 TL Sakal+Fön/Shave+BlowDry:20 TL Massage/Masaj 1 Min/1 Dakika:3 TL Massage 30 Mins/30 Dakika Masaj:50 TL Cilt Bakımı/Facial Care:50 TL

Puffed Potatoes - Pomme Soufflé Recipe - 2 Ways

Pomme Souffle Recipe - Puffed Potatoes In this video, I will show you 2 different ways to make pommes souffles. *method 1.* The first method requires you to cut russet potatoes to 1 mm thickness, then covering one set of the potatoes with cornstarch or potato starch and evenly coating the second set with egg white, place the two slices together then cut them with a 4cm/1.6inch diameter cutter. When frying you have to lift the side of the pan closest to you up by 1cm and rock the pan back to front, the temperature of the oil should be 140ºc/284ºf and you should have little oil in the pan, about 2cm depth of oil thats 0.8inches deep. Keep moving the pan till the potato slices puff up, then baste them in the oil until they become crispy. *method 2.* For the second method cut the russet potatoes in a rectangular shape then use a mandoline to cut into slices of 2.5mm-3.5mm thickness. Use the same oil moving technique as in method one and place these slices in an oil bath at 130ºc/266ºf moving them constantly until the slices blister then transfer them to the 180ºc/356ºf oil and they should puff up, after that keep basting them until crispy then they are done. Mandoline: ----------------------------------------------- All Recipe Videos: This YouTube Food channel is all about making sushi recipes and trying to teach great food recipes. What to support this channel? you can do the following: 1) Share this video on Facebook, Google + or Twitter 2) like this video 3) Embed this video on a blog or website or just link to it from somewhere. Thank you for your support :) *SOCIAL MEDIA :* Facebook: Instagram: @MakeSushi1 or use the hashtag #makesushi1 Make Sushi App: Music Royalty Free Music: Music from (paid for a license) cameras used to film this: 2x Canon 5D m4: sometimes a GoPro Hero5: Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux link to this video for sharing: last week's video: I use affiliate links to share products I like, find useful and feel that readers will find helpful. These links can help me generate income to support the costs associated with making video tutorials.

I wanted to try doing something new so here is my very first ASMR cooking video, in this video you will see how to cook eel with natural cooking sounds. I hope you enjoy it :)
if you want to know how to cook this please check out the version with narration:

for the subscribers that saw the original eel video, I hope you dont find this annoying just testing something out.

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