LDR - Meeting For The First Time [USA to SINGAPORE]

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LDR Story and First Meeting: England to Philippines ( 6600 miles )

Meeting my girlfriend for the first time!!!

🔥Sweet couple in tik tok China (P5)❤️


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[WARNING] This video may be cheesy for a lot of people 😂. I've seen many vids of LDR couples and decided to document one myself ☺️. A little backstory: Kelvin and I started talking 7 months ago online and we finally got the chance to meet each other when I went to asia ♡ I only had 3 days in singapore but we got to do a lot (meet friends, eat, be a tourist lol, etc.) It really did feel like a dream :') Being in a LDR is definitely difficult but if it’s the right person it’s really worth it. We will be meeting again in a couple weeks and I can't be more happy 💕 Hope you guys enjoy this video ☺️

!!! If you want a Q&A when Kelvin comes please comment down below !!!

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