LDR - Meeting For The First Time [USA to SINGAPORE]

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LDR Meeting For The First Time - USA to UK, 4,021 miles

This is Alex & I meeting for the first time after being together for just under a year. We met online on the 25th February 2015 but we didn't get together until the 14th July 2015. We met on the 9th July 2016! He is from America and I am from England. I hope you enjoy the video, feel free to comment, like and subscribe! If you're in an LDR, I'd love to know your story too! Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rmLFGzlYU8 *Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to this audio, all credit to creator* - Instagram: LDR insta: oliviaandalexldr - Email me: oliviasldradvice@gmail.com Thank you, Alex and Olivia xx

Oliver & Rain || Sweden ♡ Philippines (Long Distance Relationship)

This video is for min Oliver. Hope this will bring a huge smile to your face. ♡ ___ Hello! My name is Rain and I would like to share something very special to me for my first video. I am from the Philippines (Iloilo City) and Oliver is from Sweden (Hultsfred). We met for the first time last October 23, 2016. And here are my favorite clips that we took..♡ ( If you're wondering why the last clip was so shaky, it was 'cuz I was having a hard time filming it while waving goodbye to him in the airport.T.T ) i'm currently learning swedish: instagram.com/swedishbyrain Thanks for watching! 💘 Intro: (Inspirational Piano) Music by Olexandr Ignatov Song: Near or Far by Carissa Rae Alvarado

Long Distance Relationship | London to Los Angeles

**CLICK TO OPEN** *This is a re-upload because for some reason, the other video got deleted. I had some situations with copyright issues, so I have been holding the videos back, but here is the video that most of you guys enjoyed.* Hello hello everyone! This is a video about meeting my boyfriend for the first time. I have been friends with him for almost 5 years now, but he has asked me out recently. (Yes, there is a video for that coming up!) It is crazy how we met when we were so young. We never met in person except over FaceTime (yes, sounds pretty crazy), so this meeting was a huge deal for the both of us. It was a big step for him to fly out to California. I didn’t believe it at first when he said he would fly out here, but it actually happened! Enjoy xoxo! Subscribe, thumbs up, and comment! |Catch Up With Me|: -IG: @yourdoseoftea- https://www.instagram.com/yourdoseoftea/ -Twitter: @yourdoseoftea- https://twitter.com/yourdoseoftea -Snapchat: @yourdoseoftea- |Music Used|: -A Thousand Years by Christina Perri- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtOvBOTyX00 -Officially Missing You by Tamia (cover by Jayesslee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtXr0pIRSg4)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeK1zQFJtXE *NO COPYRIGHTS INTENDED*

Momen Istri Sambut Tentara Pulang Tugas - BIKIN BAPER

Beginilah ketika pengantin baru yang harus berpisah karena tugas 😂 Rasa rindu setelah sekian lama menunggu Kini akhirnya berlalu.


I wasn't going to post this video, but eventually I decided why not hahaha. We filmed this awhile back and did sort of a different, shorter version where I just ask him questions. I hope you guys enjoy watching us being silly 😂 If you guys want more of these, comment down below! 🙆🏻 ------------------------------------- ❤︎ follow me ❤︎ instagram ☛ http://instagram.com/bethanyjuseyo/ kelvin's instagram☛ http://instagram.com/gytuan/ ------------------------------------- business inquiries : bethanyjuseyo@gmail.com

[WARNING] This video may be cheesy for a lot of people 😂. I've seen many vids of LDR couples and decided to document one myself ☺️. A little backstory: Kelvin and I started talking 7 months ago online and we finally got the chance to meet each other when I went to asia ♡ I only had 3 days in singapore but we got to do a lot (meet friends, eat, be a tourist lol, etc.) It really did feel like a dream :') Being in a LDR is definitely difficult but if it’s the right person it’s really worth it. We will be meeting again in a couple weeks and I can't be more happy 💕 Hope you guys enjoy this video ☺️

!!! If you want a Q&A when Kelvin comes please comment down below !!!

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