Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka Unboxing, Review & Firing

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10 Nerf Blasters You Should Be Excited For In 2018!

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Piñata Pistolas de agua Mascara Tienda del Chino

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Nerf Modulus Storage Stock: Justajolt Makes And Reviews His Own Nerf Stock Attachment

Justajolt Makes And Reviews His Own Nerf Storage Stock: Modulus Storage Stock Beaten! My Storage Stock has greater capacity and is very comfortable, thank you very much. 10 darts indeed... with so many Modulus accessories coming out, liek the Modulus Targeting Light, the Modulus Storage Sheild and the Modulus Stock Shot, it's important to keep on top of these things! #joltmod #hasbrowishtheythoughtofthat Twitter: Facebook: @justajolt Check out the Grim Up Nerf channel: It’s all one big Nerf party here in Leeds! Evidence that the UK Nerf Scene is going strong! Nerf in the UK is alive and well. Want to Nerf In Leeds, Bradford, or the North of England? See for more information about Grim Up Nerf events (Nerf Wars in Leeds and Bradford). For skate-park based Nerf Wars coming to Leeds in March, click A new Nerf Organisation in Leeds, Wolf Pack, has just started to howl… click for more information about forthcoming events. Click to enquire about a Nerf Party in Leeds and Bradford or to have a Nerf War at your event in the Leeds, Bradford or West Yorkshire area! Nerf Party on! for other UK based Nerf wars. Find a Nerf War in your area! Thumbnail made at: Background music: Sugar Zone by Silent Partner from YouTube’s royalty free Audio Library. Intro/Outro music: It’s All Happening by Huma Huma from YouTube’s royalty free Audio Library. justajolt – off to duct-tape something… This is Justajolt… off to duct tape something ^_^ About justajolt: I’m Britnerfer! I love a good Nerf War and I have lots of Nerf Guns. Because of this, I make a lot of Nerf gun videos! Makes sense, right? When you’re not having a Nerf gun game, you might as well be making videos! Of course, I sometimes make videos at the odd Nerf battle too. I have Nerf guns are from a variety of lines, including Nerf Modulus, Nerf Rival, Nerf Elite, Nerf Rebelle, Nerf Zombie Strike, Nerf Mega… plus a couple of vintage blasters! I’m pretty excited for the Nerf Rival Artemis… I guess it’s the Nerf Doominator of the rival line, so it’ll be big. Come to think of it, I don’t have a Nerf Crossbolt either. Anyway, I’m rambling. I’m a fan of flywheels. My favourite Nerf pistol, Nerf Pistole in German… cos I’m fluent, Nerf Pistolas in Spanish and Nerf Pistolet in French because I have Google translate, anyway, I like the Nerf N-Strike Barricade. Mine is rewired, has Worker flywheels and I run it on 3 IMRs. Do I have a favourite blaster overall? The Disruptor, the new Accustrike Falconfire and Alphahawk are a lot of fun. Maybe the Nerf Deploy? Nope. Not even the Deploy. It’s the Rayven, which I run off Barricade motors and IMRs. Oh, yeah… IMRs. I put them in blasters. The Nerf Hyperfire, the Nerf Havokfire EBF-25 (Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 in American!) and I’ve got the Mega Mastodon and the Rhinofire in my sights. I have a lot of respect for the other Nerf YouTubers out there. Consider this a tribute ^_^

Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally Unboxing, Review & Firing

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