TRX Training Circuit For STRENGTH and MUSCLE

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TRX Workout with Inventor Randy Hetrick

Former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, CEO and inventor of TRX, explains the genesis of the TRX and leads a fast and effective workout that will get the heart pounding, burn a ton of calories, and increase both strength and flexibility. These fun and innovative exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, as part of a longer workout, or on its own as a quick metabolic blast.

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Hey guys! Here are THE BEST 25 TRX EXERCISES! If you are advanced try to complete 10 reps x 3 sets of ALL exercises. If you are a beginner or need a quick workout then try one section per workout. Lower: - Squat jump - Suspended split squat - Ice skater - Reverse lunge & jump - Side lunge Upper push: - Chest press - Chest fly - Tricep extension - Push up - Inverted push up Upper pull: - Row - High row - Single arm row - Long arm pull - Bicep curl Core: - Suspended crunch - Oblique crunch - Side plank - Pike - Standing arm rotation Cardio: - Leaning sprint - Burpee - Star jump - Lunge jump - Lateral squats --------------------------------------------------- Please click subscribe if you haven’t already ☺ Instagram @alexcrockford Follow my other pages too! For the #CrockFit plans - Instagram - Model Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Snapchat username – alex.crockford ---------------------------------------------------- Reflex Nutrition - Use my code for 40% OFF! - AFCROCKFORD8 Silveremere strength & fitness Song: Morgan Nagoya - Phoenix [No Copyright Music]

66 TRX Exercises For At Home And Travel Workouts

Apart from bodyweight, the TRX is one of my favorite training tools for on the road workouts. We also use it a lot in our team training sessions as well as semi-private; it's a diverse tool. I've picked 66 of my favorite exercises (there's a lot more especially when you start using combo's) you can use to stay or get in great shape. I'll break down some examples of ways I break things down when I'm on the road. Here are some training methods I use that are simple to follow: Density Training Interval Training Straight Circuits You can also split these into upper body, lower body, or full body. To one honest, for on the road or at home workouts I prefer to do full body as I'm usually crunched for time and want to get the best bang for my buck in the shortest amount of time. If I fly into a hotel and can set up the TRX I'll usually do a mix of upper body while doing a lot of lower body mobility (I have a structure in place that helps me So here's some examples that will show case the above methods and just give some examples: Interval Training - Full Body Session: ------------------------- 45 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest 1. TRX 1 and 1/2 Rep Squats (Lower Body) 2. TRX Push (Upper Body) 3. TRX Row 4. Unsupported Lunge - Left Side (Single Leg) 5. TRX Body Saw (Core and Pull) (Complete circuit and rest 60-90 seconds in between rounds. Complete for 4-5 rounds and switch legs on lunges every round) Density Training - Full Body -------------------------- Complete as many supersets as possible in 10 minutes (each density set is 10 mins, take a 3 minute break in between sets) Set 1: Side Lunge x 8/side TRX Row x 8 Plank Hold x 20 seconds Set 2: Bulgarian Split Squat x 8/side TRX Atomic Push Up x 8 Side Plank and Reach x 5/side You can regress/progress this accordingly for different fitness levels with inserting exercises from the video Strength Circuit - Full Body ---------------------- TRX Single Leg Pistol Squat x 10/side Single Arm Alpine Row x 10/side TRX Lateral Jumps w/ Stick x 10/side TRX Kneeling Fall Outs x 10 Repeat for 4 rounds, take a 90 second break in between rounds TRX Glute Bridges x 10 TRX Push Up Flyes x 10 TRX Single Leg RDL x 10/side Repeat for 3 rounds, take a 60 second break in between Those are just examples of workouts you can do in 20 mins or so (and if you have less time then cut it by a couple of exercises - remember, not "all or nothing" but rather "always something" ‼️) - whether you're traveling or you just want to knock them out at home because you can't get to the gym. You can also couple this with bodyweight training and things like bands (which are easy to carry with you and another tool I take on the road with me). Enjoy these and let me know how the workout went when you try it out.....

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The TRX suspension training system is a great system to use that adds STRENGTH, lean MUSCLE, and will improve Conditioning.

This is a video highlighting a quick circuit using the TRX Suspension System to work on strength and conditioning.

The TRX adds a great deal of difficulty to regular bodyweight exercises.

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