Fructose: Why diets like Raw til 4 can be dangerous

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Fructose Intolerance

In this video Dr. Doherty talks about one of the hidden causes of embarrassing gas and bloating. Fructose intolerance is like lactose intolerance only people have insufficient amounts of the digestive enzyme that breaks down dietary fructose. This can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Find out more about which foods can be the culprits and what to do about it.

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How to eat raw food till dinner, the RAW TILL 4 program

How to go Raw Till 4: Save yourself a lot of money and pain by grabbing my ebook here: ★ Instagram: ★ Durianriders channel: ★ Follow me on Facebook: ★ Join the Banana Girl Movement ★ Rawtill4 community ★ Check out my BLOG ★ Epic froothie blenders! ★ One of the best sites in the WORLD Rawtill4 ‘rules': * Only plant foods are allowed on this program * Fruits & greens only must be eaten till 4pm every day then a high carb cooked dinner of plants * 10% or less of your calories should come from fat a day ( * Approved sources of cooked carbs are organic potatoes, rice, gluten-free pasta, these sources are approved because they are low sodium and minimally processed. * Sodium should be kept to an absolute minimum under 1000 mg’s a day and under 500 mg’s for maximum leanness and health. * Food should be eaten whole and unprocessed wherever possible * A big green salad should be included with your dinner meal to aid digestion and to buffer acid formation * Buy organic wherever possible, it tastes much better and is better for the environment. * No cooked food during the day, food combining rules still apply * NO Fruit or sweets after cooked food or fermentation and poor digestion will result * Green smoothies are great for breakfast/lunch * One day a week raw, I suggest a monday. * The idea is to get as much raw in as possible before 4pm so the majority of your calories should come from fruit. * chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be kept to a minimum. They can be added if your fat intake falls below 10% of calories for the day. * Unlimited calories every meal, no restriction. * Use herbs where ever possible in place of salt BODY OF MEAL: * Should be made up of whole food carbohydrates like plain steamed or baked potatoes, rice, ancient grains or least processed pasta (preferably gluten-free corn pasta) * Try your best to buy organic products * Don’t burn your carbs as this makes them carcinogenic. SAUCE: * Oil should never be added to meals, if contained within a sauce make sure fat content is no higher than 5 grams per 100 grams. Read the label! * The sauce should only be treated as a condiment so 1 serve should be enough to cover your meal. * Read labels if a sauce/food contains over 300mgs of sodium per 100 grams then don’t buy it * Best to make your own low fat sauce but If the sauce

Discussing fructose intolerance with reference to my own issues, and how fructose can be a hidden evil in some well known vegan diets like Raw til 4

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