Jaguar XF Show & Tell

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Jaguar XF is amazing.

My childhood passion coming back. I've loved jags from a very young age. The family likes it too.

Jaguar XF - 9 Things That Will Break

This video will hopefully serve as a Jaguar XF Buying guide and will give you info about common faults, known issues and problems. Please Subscribe. When I get to 100k subs Im GIVING AWAY my PORSCHE to one of you subscribers. Driver 81 YouTube channel is proud to be associated with Diagnostic World please visit their site here To work with me for product placement and sponsorship please contact me directly at FOLLOW ME! Instagram: Facebook: Website: Blog: Email: (PRODUCT PLACEMENT OR SPONSORSHIP ONLY)

Jaguar XF Audio bug revealed

Jaguar XF seems to have a bug- If you play a long video file- it plays fine if you turn the audio system off and on quickly it still plays . If you turn off longer than 2 minutes then it will not play any videos- ejecting the disk sometimes wont be possible till you change from memory stick. Reinserting the disk gived "DISK ERROR" immediatly- no attempt to read. In this fault state audio plays fine from the memory stick. To fix you must brose to a shorter video then turn off wait 2 minuites then turn on. Sometimes you may have to repeat this last proceedure 2 times. Very odd as the long file does play - and is ok on a quick turn off and on - though not on a long over 2 minuites power off and on. Files were nothing special XVID 1.5MBs audio 128 K. Not a problem as long as you are aware of it - and dont shut down playing a long file. I think over 1 hour may do it. 40 Minuites is fine. Memory stick 32 GIG FAT32 formated

Bet you didn't know this about the Jaguar XF Pt 1

Things you didn't know about the Jaguar XF Pt 1

On Board with Mike Hawthorne at Le Mans 1956 | D-type Jaguar A camera is strapped to the back of a D-Type and a microphone fitted to Mike Hawthorn so he can commentate his way around the circuit in 1956 – the result is rare and revealing treat. Hawthorn delivers his verdict on the track, and on the driving standards of our Gallic cousins! We're on INSTAGRAM: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER:

My Audi has gone in for the bumper repairs, so as mentioned in my last Audi video, here's a vlog of my Jaguar XF - hope you enjoy pop me some comments below and please be gentle, click like if you like it.

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