Creation Crate Arduino Based Mood Lamp - Month 1 Box Review

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$15 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Purchase direct - If you are on the lookout for a decent electric toothbrush without the high upkeep costs, this is one you might want to look into. At only$15, and with toothbrush heads only costing $1 each, it is hard to look away. Check it out at the link above. Introduction Music: DJ Quads Downtown Funk

Nokia 5110 With Arduino

Please Subscribe Our Channel Like Us On Facebook: if you like my work Please donate me, your little contribute is very valuable for me PayPal : PayTm : 7891642495 Bhim : 7891642495@upi Tez : 7891642495 ******************************************************************* Code And Circuit: ******************************************************************* This is another tutorial of clgproject (collage project).In this tutorial I am going to show your how to interface "Nokia 5110" lcd with arduino. Nokia 5110 mobile is an iconic mobile phone,was very popular in late 90s. 'Nokia 5110' is a monochrome graphical lcd and very easy to interface. Nokia 5110 lcd module have 6 input pins and we can interface this lcd with not only arduino but also other microcontroller like AVR, PIC or 8051 using SPI communication. Nokia 5110 Graphical LCD has 84 pixels in horizontal and 48 pixels in vertical. This lcd is controlled by using PCD8544 display controller by Phillips, that is very easy to interface. This is very detailed video tutorial of how to interface NOKIA 5110 LCD with Arduino and show monochrome image on it Click on the link and watch the full video tutorial

DIY arduino mood lamp

In this video I'll show how to make a nice mood lamp baserd on Arduino nano. Firmware - List of components: Arduino nano on Ali - Amazon - RGB WS2812 on Ali - Amazon - Microphone module on Ali - Amazon - Despite the fact that my English is almost perfect, maybe you could notice a small Eastern European accent, it's because I'm Russian, and answering the question "why don't you make videos in both languages?" I actually do, and my Russian channel is here - (the videos are the same, so for English-speaking viewers it makes no sense to subscribe) Композиция "Radio Rock" принадлежит исполнителю Audionautix. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution ( Исполнитель:

The biggest LED COB panel yet! Voltage/current tests.

This thing is huge and bright. It runs at around 12V, but has no integrated current regulation. This means that if connected directly in a vehicle application the current could be very high and the voltage drop across the supply cable will be a factor in limiting the current. The circuitry is basically four large parallel arrays of LEDs connected in series to make up roughly 12V combined forward voltage. I did some voltage/current tests as follows:- 10V 7mA 70mW 10.5V 170mA 1.8W 11V 790mA 8.7W 11.5V 1.72A 19.8W 12V 2.85A 34W 12.5V 4.2A 52W 12.8V 5.2A 66W Current Limit of bench supply. As you can see form the voltage to current ratio the current increases significantly with a small voltage change. A typical eBay search for this might be:- If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:- This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.

Arduino Buying Guide for Beginners

Accompanying article: There are so many different kinds of Arduino boards out there, you'd be forgiven for being confused. Which should you buy? Which is more suited to your project? Let us help, with this Arduino buying guide for beginners!

Creation Crate offers monthly projects delivered to your door. They are a great way to educate kids in the world of electronics and programming. I had my 11 year old daughter basically do everything on this Moon Lamp kit and she had a blast doing it! Great Job Carmen! Be sure to check out Creation Crate at the link above!

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