The Last Guardian All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

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The Last Guardian (Game Movie)

This is my movieversion of the action-adventure game The Last Guardian, developed by genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio. 9 years in the making.

Dead Rising 4 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: Follow GLP on Instagram: Follow GLP on Twitter! Like GLP on Facebook! It's the holiday season in Willamette, Colorado and a mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with dangerous and deadly predators. Frank West comes back to Williametted and finds it filled with dangerous new zombies and a million ways to kill them as you seek to uncover the truth behind the outbreak. MY THOUGHTS ON THE GAME: The game is as fun and quirky as every Dead Rising is, but there are a lot of Dead Rising staples missing here. Some might call it evolving. Others might say that the franchise is not sticking to its roots. For us, it's definitely in the "not sticking to its roots" group. The biggest missing element for me is the time limit. It's part of what added to the difficulty and replayability. Without it, it feels dumbed down. It's unfortunate because the game plays great and is smooth overall. It's a thrill to bash zombies with the variety of crazy weapons, but it feels like to much of the focus here, instead of having a bigger focus on the cases. It feels much more linear than other Dead Rising's, which isn't inherently bad, but doesn't feel right in this franchise. Frank West is back, but not better. He's very funny at times, but he throws out so many one liners that fall flat that sometimes it feels like you're watching a washed up sitcom. There is a lot to do in the world, but unfortunately there is no open world after you beat the game. You would have to replay one of the earlier chapters before the last chapter, and get all your progress done before you move on to the last mission again. Overall the game is fun and not terrible, but too different from previous games to be considered a strong installment in the franchise. If you're looking for a enjoyable zombie game where you can kill endless hoards of the undead, then this is your game. If you're looking for the next great Dead Rising game, then keep on waiting. 7.5/10 Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

TITANFALL 2 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS HD

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: Everything Wronb With Titanfall 2 by Gaming Sins: Follow GLP on Instagram: Follow GLP on Twitter! Like GLP on Facebook! The first Titanfall is the game that everyone remembers as a game with immense potential, but not enough content at launch. One of the biggest criticisms was that it didn't have a real campaign or story. Respawn tries to remedy that with Titanfall 2. From the original creators of the Call of Duty franchise, this is the high octane roller coaster ride you would expect from playing campaigns like COD 4. In my opinion, it's a slow start as far as the mission pace. It absolutely picks up around the 3rd or 4th mission and doesn't slow down the rest of the way. But I wish they would have done an intense first mission to drop people directly into the action. It is SHORT. It's definitely not a game that you would buy strictly for campaign. There's no multiplayer or split screen, so it's not a campaign that you will come back to often. There are some unlockables in the form of hidden helmets you can find throughout the missions, but nothing outside of that. All that being said, this is leagues better than the "campaign" in the first Titanfall. They have a good mix of the titan and pilot sections, and the wall running is put to good use. It sometimes feel like a partial platformer with the precise routes and jumps you have to execute, and it's a welcome mechanic in the story mode. The gameplay feels amazing. There is not much different here from the first game, but everything feels smoother, and it has some great options to adjust your controller to get that right feel. The story is not extremely fleshed out, and you it won't be satisfied if you go into it expecting an deep campaign mode. If you go into it expecting a popcorn movie, you'll love it As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy! #Titanfall2Movie #Respawn Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

Final Fantasy XV All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

WATCH MORE FINAL FANTASY XV VIDS HERE: IN EPISODES HERE: As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy! MY THOUGHTS ON THE GAME: It's been 10 years since this game has been first announced, and for a while there it seemed like a game destined to be lost in the ether. There is a lot of anxiety amongst fans that this game will never live up to the hype; that it can't possibly climb the mountain of expectations that comes along with 10 years of build up. Make no mistake, Final Fantasy 15 not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds every expectation imaginable COMBAT: For those of you who played the demo, you have a good idea about how the combat works. On the surface, it's a fairly simple action RPG. Hold the attack button, and Noctis does all the work. But of course, at its core, it is a deeply complex system deeply rooted in RPG elements. You'll have to master different tactics for different enemies. You can craft spells, upgrade certain weapons, use different team tactics etc. Every enemy has different weapons/elements that they are strong and weak against. Against low level enemies, it's fairly easy to just hold the attack button and dodge every now and again. But against stronger enemies, you'll have to make sure to use the right weapons, parry, and use your team wisely. It's a brilliant system that is fun against both low and high level enemies. It helps that it looks amazing, and the animation always makes you feel powerful. That was one of the biggest issues with Final Fantasy XIII. The combat system was actually fun, but only once you got to higher level enemies. Against low levels it was downright boring. FF15 puts the power back in the players hands. STORY AND CHARACTERS: Final Fantasy stories tend to be pretty heavy handed on the melodrama. I'm happy to say that this game is light on that. It's still there for sure, but most of the story and characters felt natural to me. There is nice chemistry between the 4 companions, and genuinely amusing banter. I finished the main story in 25 hours. I was going at break neck speed, for the purposes of what we do on this channel, and I was definitely under level for much of the campaign. I can see a normal playthrough taking up to 35-40 hours if you take the time to be at proper level. The story is immensely satisfying, and is filled with humor, raw emotion, and has a real weight that makes you feel invested in the outcome. OPEN-WORLD: There are TONS of things to do in the open world. There are mini-games like an arena wager game, arcade games, Chocobo races, fishing and much more. There are innumerable sidequest, hunts, dungeons and secrets throughout the map. At this point, as a group we've put in over 60 hours in the game, and there is still so much to do. I feel like you can get a minimum of 200 hours out of the game if you wanted to find everything. Maybe even 300. There is always something to do to change the pace from what you're currently doing. OVERALL: There is no such thing as a perfect game. Every game has its flaws. Final Fantasy XV is not an exception. While the gameplay is much more fluid than it was in the demo, it can still feel sluggish at times. It helps if you have a PS4 PRO to make it smoother. Your teammates sometimes do dumb things that put you in danger like not reviving you when they're right next to you. Or Prompto rushing the enemy when he's a distance character. The camera can be wonky in tight spaces. I can see long time fans not enjoy the new battle system. The car can be really frustrating at first, until you start upgrading it. I have never been a hardcore RPG player, so I personally enjoy a more action oriented system compared to a turn based style. They definitely reached for a wider audience here. There are many flaws, BUT for this game, the sum is greater than its parts. To me, its not a question of whether this is the game of the year or not; that's a given. The question is, is this the game of the decade? Where does it rank along side the all time greats? I haven't had this much fun enjoying a game since Ocarina of Time. You get that same feeling when you first walk out on Hyrule Field. The boss battles are majestic. You feel that same awe you did when you first saw the Hydra in God of War. The story left me stunned and emotional at times. This game reminds you why you play games at all. Why you play through all the disappointments, why you keep playing even as you grow older. The sense of exploration and mystery always keeps you going. If you take anything away from reading this it's this: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO YET, PLAY THE GAME. EXPERIENCE THIS GAME, THEN COME BACK! To give this game anything less than a 10 would be an insult. At least for me, this is a masterpiece. 10/10

The Last Guardian Ending (After Credits)1080p HD

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The Last Guardian's story is framed as a flashback narrative told by an older man recounting his experience as a young boy meeting a giant, feathered creature, resembling a griffin, named Trico.


I think if this game would have come out when it was suppose to, it could have been a masterpiece. But now? It still a good and enjoyable game, but there's something lacking. In many ways it feels like the ultimate inidie game. We're so use to games like Limbo, Bound and Inside being the standard for puzzle platformers now, that it's easy to forget how well ICO did it 15 years ago.

The controls are simple, and the game doesn't hold your hand through anything. It's up to you to figure it all out, and find the way forward through your own intuition. All that is fun, but where it gets frustrating is the controls. The young boy you play as feels clunky and even unresponsive at times. He seems to have only two speeds: softly treading and wildly moving forward. Perhaps that's what the developers were going for; to make the boy as clumsy as a real young boy woud be. But the controls cause a lot of unintentional movements and falls. Trico can be just as frustrating. There were times were I was trying to get him into a position to get through a puzzle but he just wouldn't do it, and it made me decide that that must not be the right way. Only after 20 minutes of trying to find a different path did Trico finally go to the original positiong I was looking for. All these frustrations detract from the overall experience.

But that's not to say the game is bad. When it's working, it feels great. The storytelling is extremely subtle. It's told through the interactions and gameplay, as opposed to bombarding you with cutscenes. There are some great emotional moments in the game that will resonate with players. The environmental puzzles are creative and satisfying. The game is also lengthy, it'll take people somewhere between 10-12 hours to beat.

Graphics don't make a game, but it is worth noting that the graphics aren't top notch. The color looks washed out. And no matter what we did with the in-game screen brightness, the color wouldn't change. It's a strage contrast as it feels they went with a realstic look to Trico and a more anime style with the boy. Trico looks amazing though. His fur animation is excellent. But again, the graphics is worth noting since that was one of the big buzz factors when it was first revealed in 2007. It seems to have been downgraded since then.

All in all, if you like puzzle platformers, it's definitely a game worth playing. The story is excellent if you allow yourself to be immersed int he world. At a $60 price point, it's not for everyone. If it were a $40 or even $50 game I would give the game an 8 or and 8.5 for the value, but at full price, I give this game a 7.5/10

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