2018 Chery Tiggo 3 Wins Awards of “Outstanding Sales” in Peru

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2018 Chery Tiggo 8 SUV 1.5TCI

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2018 Brilliance V7 Flagship SUV Full Car Overview

Brilliance is a Chinese brand that most of you have never heard of, but it exists, and the company even has a partnership with BMW on the former’s domestic market. Together with BMW, Brilliance owns half of BMW Brilliance, which is a joint venture that manufactures, distributes, and sells products of the German brand in China. The Asian corporation also owns a minibus company named Jinbei, which operates on its domestic market. You might think that Brilliance is a small player, but it had the capacity to built 800,000 cars in 2010, and it has since invested in expanding its capabilities. Back in 2007, Brilliance launched a model in Europe, the BS6, which was followed by the BS4. The first of them was crash-tested by Germany’s ADAC, which only gave it a star out of five for its performance. While Landwind was the first Chinese brand that attempted to sell vehicles in Europe and failed, Brilliance Auto got the unwanted change of being second. With the help of BMW, the employees at Brilliance might have a shot at developing models that could attain decent results in European crashworthiness tests, which is an important step that must be undertaken to guarantee a chance of success on the Old Continent. According to reports, the Brilliance V7 is set to become the brand’s most expensive model ever offered. With that in mind, along with BMW’s collaboration with this company, there is a chance that the Chinese might consider selling it in Europe. The latter hypothesis could explain why Brilliance bothers with testing its prototype in winter conditions in Europe, and this could be one of the reasons why they are undergoing these efforts. A look at the spyshots reveals a conventionally-designed SUV, with familiar shapes, but without any blatant copying of Western brands. It features a front grille that reminds us of an older off-roader from Mitsubishi, but with a twist in the form of a triangle-shaped element. Meanwhile, its front and rear lights do not resemble anything else on the European market.

تقيم و مواصفات وسعر شيري تيجو cherry tiggo 2018

تقيم و مواصفات وسعر السيارة الصيني شيري تيجو( اسبرنزا سابقا ) الشكل الجديد مع ذكر بعض العيوب الشائعة في السيارة chery tiggo 2018 review and price

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Chery Tiggo is a compact SUV developed as an imitator of Toyota RAV4. By August 2012 half a million units had been sold since its release on March 22, 2005, making it one of the most successful cars produced by native automakers in China.

A Timeline of Chery Tiggo:

2005: Chery Tiggo hit the market on March 22, powered by a 2.0L or 2.4L Mitsubishi engine and sitting on a 2510mm wheelbase.

2006: Russia’s Avtotor started assembling Chery Tiggo in the state of Kaliningrad in April. Models with a 1.6L engine were launched in July. In November, a concept called Tiggo5 was unveiled at the Beijing motor show. On December 20, Chery announced a recalled 1,875 Tiggos over a defect in the cooling system.

2007: Tiggo6, a mid-size SUV styled by Bertone, was showcased in April at the Shanghai motor show. In the next month, Chery re-named the compact Tiggo SUV as Tiggo3 and added a new engine option (to the existing 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.4L ): a 97kW 1.8 liter; the Tiggo3 started to be marketed as a "New Concept Vehicle" or NCV. In November, Italy’s DR Motor unveiled the DR5, which is a re-styled Tiggo3 assembled locally.

2009: An all-electric version, the Tiggo3 EV, was introduced at the Shanghai motor show. Equipped with a 375V 80Ah lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor that can put out up to 90kW of power, it can drive as fast as 130km/h and as far as 200km on one charge. The 2009 model of Tiggo3 went on sale in May with 1.6L/1.8L/2.0L engine options. In December, Tiggo DR, the Italian-styled Tiggo3 made in China, was released.

2010: Chery released a face-lifted Tiggo3, which was later named Tiggo Elite (Jingying) and employed a supercharged 100kW 1.6L engine.

2011: Tiggo Elite got an 1.6L DVVT engine and CVT, and was sold alongside the other two variants, Tiggo DR and Tiggo Classic. The three versions shared a 2510mm wheelbase but were styled differently.

2012: Chery recalled in August 18,875 Tiggos in the overseas markets over Asbestos parts.

2013: The next-gen Tiggo, called Tiggo5, hit showrooms on November 28. With 78,245 deliveries, Chery Tiggo was the 13th best-selling SUV of the year in China.

2014: the refreshed first-gen Tiggo went on sale as “Tiggo 3,” which is slotted below Tiggo 5. In this year, sales of Tiggo 3 reached 85,506, while 95,750 of the Tiggo 5 were delivered.

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