2018 Chery Tiggo 3 Wins Awards of “Outstanding Sales” in Peru

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2018 Chery Tiggo 8 SUV 1.5TCI

2018 DFSK Dongfeng Scenery S370 MPV Full Car Overview

The presence of Wuling Hongguang aka Wuling Confero S to the ground water is actually quite surprising, because the model factor that seems not the taste of the people of Indonesia could have hindered its sales. But anyway SGMW Motor Indonesia to bring in this LMPV. Well, what about Dongfeng? Still familiar with this name? If the name DFSK maybe more familiar huh? Both names are actually the same, because DFSK stands for Dongfeng Sokon. It's just that, if we talk Dongfeng in China, then the scope will be wide. It could be Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, and still many other Donfeng who are under the auspices of Dongfeng Motor. Well, DFSK itself is one of the Dongfeng subsidiaries that enter the Indonesian market. Reportedly, DFSK Glory will be their first product in the homeland. Then, looking at the culture of Indonesian people who like many load car, cheap price, and quality okay, whether the DFSK party did not bother to bring an LMPV? I have no idea. But basically they have LMPV also you know , and coincidentally like Wuling Confero. This is Fengguang DFSK or also called Dongfeng Scenery S370. Namely similar, Wuling Hongguang Dongfeng Fengguang, other than that also similar shape - similar, bongsor, big glass, and also have captain seat . But either because it is used to see Wuling Confero or not, it seems that LMPV Wuling more saucy when compared with Dongfeng Scenery S370, looks more proper . The front side of the Dongfeng Scenery S370 looks more like a VW SUV because of the shape of a VW Amarok-like lamp and grille that is identical to the VW. The side is similar to Wuling Confero, it's just that the glass on the C pillar to the back feels awkward. Move to the back side, the aura is still like an SUV, like the back side of the Baojun SUV. Dongfeng Scenery S370 itself has a length of 4.5 meters, 1.7 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall. Although the exterior design is less okay, but this car is equipped with LED DRL, reverse camera and electric sunroof . Go into the inner side, well in this section of the Dongfeng Scenery S370 we think is superior to Wuling Confero. The interior looks beautiful and modern, which is more suitable juxtaposed with Wuling Cortez. Got steering wheel flatbottom , materal synthetic leather, and a screen headunit -oriented to the European car makes Dongfeng Scenery S370 looks modern, although the air conditioner is still a swivel model. Dongfeng Scenery S370 itself armed with a 1.500cc engine like Wuling Confero S, but this car engine has a power of 116 hp and maximum torque of 147.5 Nm. And unlike the product from Wuling, Dongfeng Scenery S370 uses CVT transmission only, yap CVT alone on this car, so there is no real man variant . Dongfeng Scenery S370 is sold with two variants, 5 passengers or 7 passengers, where the price is at 69,900 yuan or equivalent to 151.9 millions Rupiah. What if you think? Taken to Indonesia kah? There matiknya know . Come to your opinion buddy.



CAOA Chery Tiggo 2 2019 - Confira! - Power Car

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Chery Tiggo is a compact SUV developed as an imitator of Toyota RAV4. By August 2012 half a million units had been sold since its release on March 22, 2005, making it one of the most successful cars produced by native automakers in China.

A Timeline of Chery Tiggo:

2005: Chery Tiggo hit the market on March 22, powered by a 2.0L or 2.4L Mitsubishi engine and sitting on a 2510mm wheelbase.

2006: Russia’s Avtotor started assembling Chery Tiggo in the state of Kaliningrad in April. Models with a 1.6L engine were launched in July. In November, a concept called Tiggo5 was unveiled at the Beijing motor show. On December 20, Chery announced a recalled 1,875 Tiggos over a defect in the cooling system.

2007: Tiggo6, a mid-size SUV styled by Bertone, was showcased in April at the Shanghai motor show. In the next month, Chery re-named the compact Tiggo SUV as Tiggo3 and added a new engine option (to the existing 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.4L ): a 97kW 1.8 liter; the Tiggo3 started to be marketed as a "New Concept Vehicle" or NCV. In November, Italy’s DR Motor unveiled the DR5, which is a re-styled Tiggo3 assembled locally.

2009: An all-electric version, the Tiggo3 EV, was introduced at the Shanghai motor show. Equipped with a 375V 80Ah lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor that can put out up to 90kW of power, it can drive as fast as 130km/h and as far as 200km on one charge. The 2009 model of Tiggo3 went on sale in May with 1.6L/1.8L/2.0L engine options. In December, Tiggo DR, the Italian-styled Tiggo3 made in China, was released.

2010: Chery released a face-lifted Tiggo3, which was later named Tiggo Elite (Jingying) and employed a supercharged 100kW 1.6L engine.

2011: Tiggo Elite got an 1.6L DVVT engine and CVT, and was sold alongside the other two variants, Tiggo DR and Tiggo Classic. The three versions shared a 2510mm wheelbase but were styled differently.

2012: Chery recalled in August 18,875 Tiggos in the overseas markets over Asbestos parts.

2013: The next-gen Tiggo, called Tiggo5, hit showrooms on November 28. With 78,245 deliveries, Chery Tiggo was the 13th best-selling SUV of the year in China.

2014: the refreshed first-gen Tiggo went on sale as “Tiggo 3,” which is slotted below Tiggo 5. In this year, sales of Tiggo 3 reached 85,506, while 95,750 of the Tiggo 5 were delivered.

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