How to learn Korean language #Part2

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Korean Pronunciation Guide - 네 (NE or DE?) & 뭐 (MWO or BWO?) [TalkToMeInKorean]

Check out our textbooks here: Teacher Hyunwoo will address some of the most commonly asked questions by beginner Korean learners!! If you’ve wondered why you thought “yes” was 네 but it sounds like 데, this video lesson will definitely help you understand the reason. For more Korean lesson videos, please subscribe to our channel: Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about our books and discount coupons! If you enjoyed watching this video, please check out our website for more Korean lessons at Learn how to read and write in Korean Our online bookstore Other social media links TTMIK Teachers on Instagram Kyeong-eun Kyung-hwa Seokjin Jooyeon Hyunwoo #LearnKorean #KoreanPronunciation #KoreanLesson

Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Korean Phrases! [INFORMAL] | 한국언니 Korean Unnie

[한국언니 Korean Unnie] Become my Patreon: 안녕 여러분~! Today we are going to learn TOP 25 Korean Phrases and remember, these are informal phrases so you can use it in casual situations. 1 안녕 is Hi. And Bye. 2. 뭐해? What are you doing? 3. 잘 지내? How are you? 4. 잘 잤어? Good morning. 5. 잘 자. Good night. 6. 응 Yes 7. 아니 no 8. 내 이름은 [ ](이)야. My name is [ ] 9. 제발 Please 10. 그래 Okay 11. 고마워 Thank you 12. 아니야 You’re welcome. 13. 몇 시야? What time is it? 14. 화장실 어디야? Where is the bathroom? 15. 만나서 반가워. Nice to meet you. 16. 다음에 봐~ See you next time! See you! 17. 내일 봐. See you tomorrow. 18. 잘 가~ Bye~ 19. 당연하지. Of course. 20. 미안해. I’m sorry. 21. 왜 Why 22. 진짜? Really? 23. 이해가 안 가. I don’t understand. 24. 좋아. I like it. 25. 싫어. I don’t like it. [한국언니 Korean Unnie] Subscribe ▶ Korean Unnie uploads Life in Korea Vlogs and Learning Korean Videos everyday for those who are interested in Korea and who wants to learn Korean. 한국언니는 한국에 관심이 많고 한국어를 배우고 싶은 외국인들을 위해 한국 일상생활 영상 (Vlog)와 한국어 배우기 영상들을 매일 업로드합니다. #한국언니 #koreanunnie #koreanunnievlogs #learnkoreanwithkoreanunnie #한국언니브이로그 #한국언니와한국어배우기 #한국어배우기 #한국유투버 #한국어공부 #한국말 #한국사람 #외국타겟유투버 #한류유투버 #한국인유투버영어 #유투브스타 #koreanlanguagelearning #learningkoreanlanguage #topiklessons #topikgrammar #learnkoreanlanguage #koreanteacher #koreanlesson #learnkoreanidiom #learnkoreanhanja To watch Korean Unnie’s Full Playlist click here: ▶ To watch Korean Unnie’s Vlogs click here: ▶ To watch Korean Unnie’s Korean Lessons click here: ▶ To watch Korean Unnie’s Korean Children Songs click here: ▶ ★ Korean Unnie Social Media ★ Instagram: sohyun__moon ( Facebook: ( Facebook Page: 한국언니 Korean Unnie ( Twitter: sohyun__moon ( Business Inquiries: “All about Korea” "Korean Unnie" :) Subscribe ▶ Copyright ⓒ 2017 "한국언니 Korean Unnie" All Rights Reserved. 해당 영상의 저작권은 "한국언니 Korean Unnie"에게 있습니다. 이 영상을 공유하는 것은 가능하나 허가 없이 변경/배포는 불가합니다.

#Sesi 1# Belajar Hangul(BAHASA KOREA) dalam seminggu untuk pemula #Guru Ali

Halo!! saya Guru Ali. Ayo belajar bahasa korea (Hangul) dengan mudah!! Kalian bisa belajar kosakata bahasa korea di Instagram. Instagram (kosakata) : tempat_belajar_bahasa_korea Instagram (pribadi) : alisong_tedd

Korean Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Watch our Couple Outfit Challenge here✨⤵️: L E T ' S C O N N E C T (っ◔︣◡◔᷅)っc(◕︣◡◕᷅c) ►INSTAGRAM: @farinabehm ( ►TWITTER: @farinabehm | ___ [Read my pinned comment!] This video shoot was one of the funniest yet! :D My boyfriend Dongin tried to go for a natural look, but it turned out completely different...enjoy it & leave your thumb if you did! :D ♡ 1 thumb up = 1 hug ༼ つ◕(oo)◕༽つ❤ ___ ☆ Hi! I'm Farina from Germany. You're gonna find me exploring Korean culture & sharing my life along the way! I love my 2 dogs, traveling, food, gaming, fashion & just having fun. You too? Subscribe & enjoy! \( ・_・)/☆ ☆ 독일에서 한국인 가족들과 함께 살고 있는 독일인 Farina에요. 한국 문화와 전반적인 저의 일상을 확인하실 수 있어요! 음식, 저의 강아지 2마리, 여행, 패션, 게임 그리고 재미있는 것들을 좋아해요. 궁금하시다구요? 구독 부탁드리고 재미있게 봐주시면 감사하겠습니다! \( ・_・)/☆ ___ ✘Production✘ Cut & Edit: Farina Translation: 박명기 Park Myoungki, 동인 Dong-In ___ EQUIPMENT (*=affiliate) ✘ Camera*: Softboxes*: ___ Music: BTS - Young Forever REMAKE INSTRUMENTAL [by RYUSERALOVER] (awesome Kpop Remixes, def check their channel out!):

DIY Kpop Snow Globe [BTS Young Forever Edition]

this diy is really customizable so you can customize it to any kpop group you like it doesn't have to be specifically bts or kpop. if you have any question related to this diy feel free to ask in the comment section. if you recreate this diy please do tag me on Instagram because I would love to see your recreation ∆ Tips - don't forget to spray or paint protectant on the binder clip to make it waterproof because it is not waterproof - I printed the images out on photo paper with "Inkjet Printer" so if you use photo paper to print with "Laser Printer" it won't turn out the best -If you print your pictures out on photo paper you can just laminate it with contact paper, for me i just want to make sure that it's super waterproof so I decided to use laminating pouch - print your picture out on regular paper because it's so much easier to laminate and also I only said photo paper and regular paper in the video but obviously you can use any type of paper you want - To make your snow globe looks even prettier i recommend you guys to use big glitter, i couldn't find the big one so i used the smaller one - Use stronger glue like E6000 because it sticks better and last longer than hot glue (in water) i can't find it in my country so i used hot glue gun instead, if you're going to use hot glue gun make sure you apply a lot to the clip - Jar with the metal lid that u have to twist in order to close it is the easiest because you don't have to glue the lid to jar which is great because you can actually change the glitter to different colors and sizes later - if you use the jar with wooden lid and the lid it's not waterproof then you'll need to varnish it (varnish inside and outside) or spray protectant because it might turn black if u don't ∆ Links to images • Day Ver : • Night Ver : • BTS signatures : ∆ Instagram 1. 2. ∆ Musics used in the video: 1.Young Forever - BTS [Music Box] by R3 Music Box 2. Young Forever - BTS [Music Box] by Smyang Piano 3. Save Me - BTS [Instrumental\ Piano] by Smyang Piano diy kpop, kpop diy, diy snow globe, diy picture snow globe, diy bts snow globe, how to make a home-made snowglobe, diy bts young forever snowglobe

Hallo guyss maaf ya baru update lagii hehe.
Kali ini aku buat video tentang gimana caranya bisa baca dan tulis hangul dengan cepat sekaligus belajar bahasa korea dengan cepat.
Intinya asal kalian niat dan bener-bener mau belajar bahasa korea dijamin 99,9% kalian pasti bisa kok, Fighting!!

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