2018 JAC Refine S7 Packs a Punch with Superior Engine Power, Safety

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Refine S7, a compact SUV with one of the biggest space of any model created to date by Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, hit the market on Sunday with a price range between 109,800 yuan ($17,193) and 129,800 yuan.

Its four major advantages - safety features, interconnectivity, spacious and engine power - have led some in the auto industry to hail the S7 as a "security king" among SUV models.

The S7 features JAC's "Security Plus" system, which has proven effective during cumulative test mileage of 80 million kilometers.

Increasingly complex road conditions and people's desire to drive to a variety of locations have led to increased demands for car safety.

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, which was founded in 1964 and listed in 2001, has responded to those by providing an intelligent system that helps to prevent emergencies, and to protect the car's occupants when they do occur.

Consider emergency safety, for instance.

In addition to seat belts, ABS and airbags, the S7 has a tire emergency stop system, which makes sure that the car can still run safely in a controlled manner for some distance when the tire witnesses severe or complete loss of pressure.

In the category of intelligent safety, the S7 is equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, which uses radar to measure the distance from the front of the vehicle to an obstacle, then uses a data analysis module to measure that distance and sound an alarm when it senses a potential collision.

When the driver does not have time to brake, the AEB system will employ automatic brakes to protect the driver.

The S7 is equipped with lane departure warning systems, which can recognize the lane departure under various conditions and give out a warning in advance to ensure the driver focuses on the road ahead. The S7 also has a high performance vehicle body stabilization system from American TRW Automotive, with 14 active control stabilization functions in total. In terms of structural safety, up to 74 percent of the S7's vehicle body is made up of high-strength steel, protecting its occupants in the case of collision.

Besides the high degree of safety, S7 Super Edition also excels in terms of inter-connectivity, space and engine power. It is equipped with the J-link smart car networking system, providing intelligent voice, intelligent life management and smart remote control services.

With China's second-child policy, many families need additional room in their cars.

The body size of the S7 Super is 4,790/1,900/1,760 mm and it has a super long wheelbase of 2,750 mm.

The trunk volume can run up to 1,358L. Besides, there are 22 other storage spaces to meet the family's travel needs.

For performance, it is equipped with the leading domestic 1.5T-GDI +6 DCT platinum power combination.

The 1.5T-GDI engine's maximum power is 128 Kw, while the maximum torque is 251Nm, a level that places it among world leaders, and is far more than that provided by the same displacement engine. The 6DCT is the international leading wet dual-clutch, with a transmission efficiency of up to 94 percent with stable performance.

The S7 also offers intelligent driving through a head-up, simplified display function.

And it can obtain key information easier and quicker than other models, decreasing the risk of blind driving.

The S7 is also equipped with a parking assistance system and 360-degree panorama image, which improves the safety of customers in parking.

In addition, the S7 offers blind spot monitoring, corner supplementary lighting and adaptive cruise control.

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