Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full

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Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister

Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out Jen Bricker’s childhood dreams came true when she discovered her idol was in fact her long-lost sister. Jen, 27, was adopted at birth after being born with no legs due to a genetic birth defect. Despite her disability, growing up Jen was drawn to gymnastics and idolised American Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu. And after competing in - and winning - gymnastic competitions at State level, Jen learned a shocking secret - that Dominique was actually her biological sister. Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Jack McKay Editor: Sonia Estal / Ian Phillips FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft TV - TWITTER: Follow @Barcroft_TV - WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft Media site -

GAME MASTER FOUND in SHARER FAMILY HOUSE ESCAPE ROOM (Rebecca Zamolo Hidden Evidence Clues Revealed)

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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: WITH a house full of dummies, teddy bears and sippy cups, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Max for a young mother. But Max, 20, is a “little” who pretends to be five and lives with her “daddy” Johnny, 31, in Kentucky, USA. The pair have a DDLG (Daddy Dom, Little Girl) relationship and while they say that it isn’t a sexual thing for them, Max has a list of rules to obey, including no back talk and no staying up past bedtime - and gets banished for a timeout in the 'naughty corner' if she breaks them. And while Max stresses she is an adult capable of making rational decisions, she loves nothing more than when her daddy reads her a story before her daily nap or takes her to the nearby park to play on the slide and swings. To follow their story, visit: Video Credits: Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Sophia Rahman, James Thorne Editor: James Thorne Barcroft TV: Barcroft Animals: Barcroft Cars: For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit BARCROFT.TV: Like @BarcroftTV on Facebook: Follow @Barcroft_TV on Twitter: Check out more videos: Download Barcroft TV on iOS: Download Barcroft TV on Android:

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Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full

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Linda Bannon and her son Timmy suffer from Holt Oram - a rare genetic condition which caused them to be born without arms. Despite their situation, they live a happy life in a non-modified home. Amazingly, they do everything with their feet and Timmy is a young sports star excelling in swimming and taekwondo. Linda is also studying to become a motivational speaker despite working through the day as a kindergarten teacher. We have been invited to spend two days with them as they go about their hectic lives.

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