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Carole Klawansky - A 200 Pound Metamorphis

Carole Klawansky hit 349.8 and her BMI was 56.5, class 3 super obese. She has since lost almost 200 pounds and wants to reach a BMI of 22.9 and is almost there! She started struggling with food issues since her early teens and is going to share her story. Questions Tell us about growing up. Did you and your family face obesity issues? Talk about your addictions… What impact did they have on your life? The last time you flew was in 2009...tell me about that experience...and flying at that size What other issues did you have to deal with being that overweight? Before you began your plant based journey….What health issues were you faced with? So how did you learn about being plant based? What made you change? What was your ah-ha moment where the light bulb clicked? Did the doctors support you to change your diet? What did your doctors say or do for you along this journey? Do you have loose skin? Has your skin gone down? What made you want to change? You mentioned that intermittent fasting was a game changer for you… tell me about that! What are you most proud of? Gives a day in the life of Carole…. What do you eat in a day? What advice can you give to those who are just starting out plant based?

Dr McDougall - Shares words of wisdom on starting MWL

In this interview, Dr. McDougall discusses his thoughts on transitioning to a starch based lifestyle. He discusses some common topics and answers these questions: 1) What changes do you see in your 10 day program within the body once you begin to do this? Eating starch based, what are the benefits to the body? 2)Why is it important for a person to let their doctor know that they are participating in a 10 day plant based challenge? Would you recommend doing bloodwork before you being? 3) 4. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard you say The Fat you eat is the fat you wear. So many defend their oil and say you need it for the brain to function properly. What is the best response to these people… But I also want to understand the science behind fats for the brain. 4) Another concern is I will become anemic eating this way. Can this diet make you anemic and if so, what can you do? 5) 9. Questions have arose in my past challenges on MWL….so who better to ask than you? In your book, you want us to stay away from processed foods, pasta, sugar, flour etc. but yet… in the book you have a breakfast recipe for couscous and allow rice cakes. Would you share your thoughts?

Tim Kaufman - Rantings of a Former Fat Man!

Tim Kaufman - Tim is known in the Plant-Based World as The Rantings of a Former Fat Man! He is so positive….. his your mantra on his website: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life - Eat plants and move your body, all ya gotta do is a little more than ya did yesterday….This just sums up what we have to do. Questions You were diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) in your early twenties. You were in chronic pain most. What is this? Tell us about your experience! What was your highest weight? At your highest weight, what was your BMI? What other health issues were you faced with? Talk about your addictions…. What impact did it have on your life? So what did your doctors say or do for you along this journey? So how did you learn about being plant based? What made you change? What was your ah-ha moment where the light bulb clicked? How much weight have you lost? Did the doctors support you to change your diet? Do you have loose skin? Has your skin gone down? What made you want to change? What are you most proud of? On your have a section called the excuse smashers...I LOVE THIS! How did you come up with this idea? What are your top 3 favorite excuses? Gives a day in the life of Tim Kaufman…. What do you eat in a day? Give us some of your personal “FAVS”.... (dishes that you can’t live without?) What advice can you give to those who are just starting out plant based? Tim Kaufman was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) in his early twenties. He was in chronic pain most of his life. By the time he had reached the age of 37 he was addicted to Fentynal, alcohol, and fast food. At over 400 pounds he was unable to perform simple daily tasks. He had many chronic health issues and was almost immobile. He had lost his interest in life and had almost given up. Tim started a journey to regain his health. He started to change one small thing at a time. He is now an athlete that thrives on a plant-based whole food lifestyle and leads a healthy, happy, productive, and very active life that is free of all medications he was once on. His passion is to spread the message that anyone can transition to a healthy, active lifestyle and dramatically change their life regardless of their current situation or size. Tim has appeared on Podcasts from around the world and has been filmed for an upcoming movie. He has been featured in Runners World Magazine, Good Morning America, Today, People, The Buffalo Newspaper, and many other media outlets. Tim uses his platform as an international speaker to educate, inform and motivate people about plant-based nutrition, fitness, addiction recovery, overcoming physical challenges, and emotional and spiritual wellness.

Talking Tuesday Q&A - Epigenetics - Dr. Frank Sabatino - Nov. 20, 2018

Topic: Epigenetics - Dr. Frank Sabatino You can find our program at Check out our resources at Subscribe to our Youtube Channel – Starch Queens Dr. Frank Sabatino Runs the Balance for Life Retreat Program in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This Retreat is a vegan lifestyle education center specializing in plant-based vegan nutrition, health rejuvenation, stress management and therapeutic fasting and detoxification. Dr. Sabatino is a Chiropractic physician who also has a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroendocrinology. While an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Medicine, he did extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress and aging, and has published a number of major papers in the fields of cell biology, aging, endocrinology and neuroscience. Tell us about your program Balance for life. You have a great retreat week beginning Jan 5-9 with the National Health Association. Share with us what is going on there! I have heard that your genes may load the gun… but your lifestyle pulls the trigger? What does this mean? What is Epigentics? Give us a brief overview of the history of epigentics. What is an example of epigentics? What factors influence epigenetics? Can stress hormones cause Epigenetic Changes? Can epigenetics be reversed? What is the impact of nutrition on genes How does the DNA get modified in a way that can turn genes on and off? What are some of the nutritional sources of DNA methylation? What are histones….and what is histone modifications? What impact does stress management techniques and exercise have on aging? What are some techniques you can do to help reduce your stress? Can genetics changed carry over to the next generations?

Power Foods for the Brain - Part 4 - Dr. Neal Barnard

Foods that Build your Vitamin Shield So far, we discussed how to avoid toxic metals and bad fats. So far so good but let's talk about what else we can do. 1. I know we've already talked about free radicals, but it would just give a quick overview of what they are and their relationship to vitamin E. 2. What does the research say about vitamin E? (pg 68) 3. Should we get a vitamin E supplement? Discuss alpha-tocopherol and gamma- tocopherol 4. So where should we get our vitamin E? 5. Does vitamin E help if you have Alzheimer's disease already? 6. What is homocysteine, where does it come from, and why is it so destructive to our body? 7. How do we get such high levels of homocysteine in our body? And how can we get rid of it? 8. Share the study from the Netherlands where they conducted research to see what folate supplements could do to boost memory (pg 71). 9. Is there a relationship between excess homocysteine and Alzheimer’s disease? 10. What are the best sources to get folate, B6, B12? 11. Are some fruits and vegetables better than others? 12. What is resveratrol? Where do we find it? And is there a relationship between resveratrol and Alzheimer's disease? 13. What about coffee? A lot of controversy about it, with some studies showing it's great and other studies showing it's the worst thing you could possibly drink. What are your thoughts? 14. Share with me your story about Dr. Benjamin Spock, who is renowned as a pediatrician in his book Baby and Childcare. 15. So let's sum it up. What do we need to do for a strong memory? 1. Shield yourself from toxic metals 2. give your brain and oil change 3. shift to a plant-based menu 4. build your vitamin shield

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