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SALON STYLE Proper Hair Oiling With Easy Massage Steps In Hindi|AlwaysPrettyUseful

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সাদা চুলকে পুনরায় কালো করুন চিরদিনের জন্য /White hair to black permanently in...


How I do my hair oiling|Oil for hair|Daily skin care|simple blouse design work|Indian mommy vlogger

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ഈ എണ്ണ നിങ്ങളുടെ മുടി നീളത്തില്‍ വളര്‍ത്തികൊണ്ടേയിരിക...

Traditional methods to make your hair grow fast..! It is not that easy to make your hair grow fast. At first, we have to stop hair fall, remove dandruff and make your hair healthy. There are certain traditional methods to do it. Oil massage is one of the best ways to make your hair healthy and make it grow fast. But to do it, we have to make natural oil which can be used without any side effects. We can make oil using Shallot, Curry leaves and Hibiscus flowers. To make this oil, at first take Shallot and peel of its skin. Then make it a paste using a mixer grinder. Then take the curry leaves and make a paste out of it as well. At first, heat the shallot paste and later add the curry leaves paste to it. After heating it for some time, add the coconut oil to this mix and boil this mix using mild heat. Later, when it becomes cold, you can filter the oil out and use it to massage your hair. Let's talk about one more method. Take half cup of henna powder, 2 tablespoons of Indian Gooseberry Powder, and some lukewarm water. Mix all of these and keep it for 12 hours. Then apply this mix on your hair and after keeping thee for 2 hours, wash it way using a shampoo. These methods will give your hair good color and make your hair healthy.

200ml full drenched hair oil challenge parachute hair oiling

Hair care

Palak is very good for hair because more iron content in palak , drink palak juice daily your hair will growth longer, thicker and skin also glowing

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