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The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From | Shady | Refinery29

This week on Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the underground world of human hair trafficking. Wigs and extensions are often made of real human hair, but have you ever questioned how that hair was sourced? Watch this episode of Shady to learn where hair really comes from! Check out the full article here: ABOUT SERIES Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there. ABOUT REFINERY29 Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. RELATED CONTENT Why Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Could Be Dangerous What Beauty Is Like Behind Prison Bars How To Get A Nose Piercing With Brian Keith Thompson Of Body Electric SEE MORE REFINERY29 VIDEOS SUBSCRIBE TO REFINERY29 Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: For the latest trends and videos, visit: Like Refinery29 on Facebook: Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: TALENT Follow Remy NY on Instagram: Follow Lexy Lebsack on Instagram: Follow Refinery29 on Instagram:

Botox Hair Treatment Vs Keratin Hair Treatment

Botox hair treatment verses keratin hair treatment, What is the major difference. You can visit our website at or call 407 507 3000 for a free consultation. Both keratin and botox hair treatment is very similiar. the biggest difference is the botox does not contain formaldehyde where as the keratin may have traces of it or actually contain it. The botox and keratin hair treatment are both done with a similiar technique, they both last about 3 to 4 months based on how regular you are shampooing. Botox hair treatment and Keratin hair treatments are not chemicals and both only work in the cuticle layer of the hair. Keratin hair treatment tends to straighten the hair a bit more while botox hair treatment tends to add more shine and luster. Each one does make the hair more healthier and smoother. You can get either one done and can switch between them. Give us a call to learn more about botox hair treatment vs keratin hair treatment

Grade 5A 6A 7A Or 8A Human Hair - What is The Difference 407 507 3000 Grade 5A 6A, 7A or 8A Hair..What is the difference. Lots of differences to be discussed. The higher the grade the better the quality in a nut shell. For curlier textures,,,you may want to go with a higher quality. Give us a call to discuss grade 5A 6A 7A Or 8A hair

Hair Plastic Surgery & Keratin - What is the Difference? 407 507 3000 Hair Plastic Surgery & Keratin are similar in the sense that they calm the hair, make it frizz free and manageable and also cut down your blow drying time. However there some differences. Watch this video to see the difference between hair plastic surgery and Keratin Hair Treatments

EYELASH EXTENSIONS (What you Need To Know About Its Applications and FAQ's

Purchase best Adhesive today - The Lashe® is committed to providing premium quality lash extension products and services. Our mission is to constantly offer the most innovative and safe products, along with comprehensive education. The products and education were designed to be a complete system. Our application and aftercare products are all produced in the USA, with the highest quality standards. The Lashe® is committed to providing the most thorough education available through our extensive hands-on training and precision techniques courses. We know you will be as enthusiastic with our products and techniques as we are. Our commitment to you is for continual improvement in products, techniques and support. Enroll for an upcoming training program or to find a Certified Lashe Stylist near you, visit or call (773) 202-9399 #TheLashe Follow, Like or Tweet this video to our Fan Pages using #TheLashe SUBSCRIBE: Be a Lash Stylist: Find a Lash Stylist Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Tumblr Subscribe to our channel here :

Hair extensions are very popular these days and learning to take care of them is the best practice to make sure they do not ruin your hair. Care must be taken on the technique used and the person doing the install. Lets talk about how to take care of them once they are installed.

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