How I Apply MGTOW And Red Pill Knowledge In My Life - A Response To 'Incelgate'

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Nine Stories To Help You Learn About Life And Relationships (History, Culture, Friendships)

The stories just keep coming about life and people. I have stories from history, my own life, and stories from my friends. Also, I give my take on that infamous ending scene in Titanic. I think this is the last chapter in this popular series, but I have a feeling I'll have more by next week. Hope you enjoy my stories. Which one do you like the best? Also, please share your stories in the comments! The most important thing about my stories is to think and analyze. I'm not saying I'm always right, but I definitely want to encourage you to think! To read more about Chairman Mao: To see my previous story time video: Shoutout to Brian, Backspace8ster, Wilfredo Alvarez, Fabricio Dos Santos Mateo, and Jamie from the Purple Pill for being my Patreon sponsors around the time when I first uploaded this video. | Pledge here if you want to see more stories on these topics. If you want to check out the camera I use to film: Here's the wireless mic I use:

How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie - Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill

Jeff discusses his early experiences in business and the dot com crash, his long series of awakenings starting with reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Health and well being, fasting, what is going on in the USA and how to get out, finding freedom and much more. Apologies for the poor video quality Subscribe to the TDV newsletter here:

The Problem With Asian Parents (First Generation Asian Immigrant Parenting)

Every time I talk to my father, he wants me to go back to school to get a graduate school degree. After all these years, he's still defeatist about my future. My mom's the same. She tried her best to discourage me multiple times from pursuing my goals in life. All these experiences with my parents have given me ample time to think. These are my five points that I have concluded after so much time thinking. For any Asian parents watching this, if your kids are still young, encourage them to do things that are outside the box. To everyone else watching, let me know what you think about these five problems with first generation Asian parents. Thanks! Support me on Patreon: Every donation helps me make better content! Let me know what you want to see in future vlogs. I love talking about science, math, politics, history, being Chinese American, evolutionary psychology, gender, men's rights, MGTOW, PUA, feminism, mental health etc. Shoutout to Backspace8ster, Wilfredo Alvarez, and Fabricio Dos Santos Mateo for being my Patreon sponsors, whether past or present. If you want to check out the camera I use to film: Here's the wireless mic I use:

Surviving Divorce - Men, Understand This 1 Thing

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NoFap One Month Reflection - Interesting Changes

A lot of you asked me to give the NoFap lifestyle another chance/review, so I decided to go for it. It's been a month, and I haven't really touched my genitals (except to clean, of course). I wanted to reflect on things that I've noticed and any changes in my mind. I hope you guys enjoy this reflection. I always make it a mission to keep an open mind and practice what I preach, and this is an attempt to do something different to learn and reflect. To all of you who are NoFap, share your thoughts. Explain your personal experiences. Don't use pseudoscience or religion because I've already dismissed that. If you want to check out the camera I use to film: Here's the wireless mic I use: Shoutout to Patreon sponsors, whether past or present.

I've been seeing so much incorrect coverage and simplification of people who like to think and live their own autonomous life, so I decided to make this video sharing my own thoughts and what's worked for me. Again, just my interpretation of how to apply MGTOW and Red Pill thought to be happy as a person in the world. There's no way I will EVER speak for other people who go their own way or think they have "red pill" knowledge. My audience has been requesting I talk more about MGTOW for a long time, and the time has come because Paul Joseph Watson had the ignorance to lump MGTOW with incel ;) I hope this little video brings another angle to the manosphere discussion. Please leave your comments below!

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