How To Fuse Pyro Jack (Persona 3 & 4)

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[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden - Christmas Eve: Naoto

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Persona 3 Portable Review - VN Reader

The emo boy game is improved with the ability to play as someone with a personality.

Persona 4 The Animation - Yukiko's Shadow Battle

Yukiko's Shadow Battle in Persona 4 The Animation *Warning Contain High Spoiler, its not a full episode, Battle Scene Only* I do not own the Persona 4 The Animation or Persona 4 or Shin Megami Tensei, and i'm not a member of ATLUS, im just a fan :) Sharing Only Follow Me :

Persona 3 Portable Fusion Spells Exhibition

P3P All of fusion spell exhibition unlike the PS2 Version fusion spell here in P3P do not require certain Persona to bring but usng item instead, you can get the items by trading at Shinshoudo Antique Shop at Paulownia Mall or Win the Vision Quest at Tartarus. There are 18 fusion spell. the list of fusion spell: 1) Cadenza 2) Jack Brothers 3) Justice 4) Dreamfest 5) King and I 6) Summer Dream 7) Best Friends 8) Raktapaksha 9) Valhalla 10) Frolic 11) Infinity 12) Ardhanari 13) Thunder Call 14) Shadow Hound 15) Scarlet Havoc 16) Trickster 17) Last Judge 18) Armageddon Play it with PPSSPP and using Fraps to record the game, unlike JPCSP PPSSPP is fast both in Battle and Tartarus but with Fraps on, the fps sometimes a little bit unstable, without fraps it run smooth and fast 60 fps without any lag

The Easiest Fusion Guide for the Velvet Room Twins [The Strength]

This took some time to create. Hopefully, this is the simplest and easiest way to complete the Velvet Room Twins' fusion requests. I tried using the simplest Personas that are either recruitable in Palaces or uses recruitable Personas to create. As well, no DLC Personas are used in this guide. I didn't include it in this video, but I do mention another way to get High Counter on Horus down below, but requires your Empress Confidant to be high enough or have enough money to strengthen Dakini who learns High Counter. Timestamps: 00:44 Rank 1 [Jack Frost with Mabufu] 01:22 Rank 2 [Shiisaa with Frei] 01:45 Rank 3 [Matador with Magaru] 02:28 Rank 4 [Flauros with Tarukaja] 03:09 Rank 5 [Ame-no-Uzume with Dodge Psy] 03:58 Rank 6 [Neko Shogun with Dekaja] 04:50 Rank 7 [Lachesis with Tetraja] 05:20 Rank 8 [Hecatoncheries with Masukunda] 05:50 Rank 9 [Bus with Samarecarm] 06:41 Rank 10 [Seth with High Counter] Tl;dw guide: Rank 1: (Obariyon x Bicorn) = Apsarus (Apsarus x Berith) = Jack Frost [Level 11 learns Mabufu] Obariyon, Bicorn, and Berith available in the first Palace. Rank 2: (Jack Frost x Makami [With Frei]) = Shiisaa Makami avaiable in the second Palace. Rank 3: (Mokoi x Regent [With Magaru]) = Matador OR (Kelpie x Jack O'Lantern) = Obariyon (Obariyon x Nekomata [With Magaru]) = Matador Mokoi and Regent found in the second Palace. Nekomata found in the third Palace. Rank 4: (Incubus x Jack O'Lantern) = Berith (Silky x Kelpie) = Andras (Succubus x Arsene) = Angel Angel x Jack O'Lantern = Eligor [With Tarukaja] Advance fusion (Berith, Andras, and Eligor) = Flaurus Berith, Incubus, Jack O'Lantern, Silky, and Kelpie are found in the first Palace. Rank 5: (Orthrus x Oni) = Jikokuten (Jikokuten x Nekomata) = Kin-Ki [Learns Dodge Psy at level 27] (Orthrus x Matador) = Sui-Ki (Kin-Ki x Sui-Ki) = Ame-no-Uzume Orthrus, Oni, and Nekomata found in the third Palace. Rank 6: (Koppa Tengu x Incubus) = High Pixie (High Pixie x Shiisaa) = Nue (Isis x Nue) = Anzu [Learns Dekaja at level 28] (Berith x Agathion) = Kodama (Nekomata x Mokoi) = Sudama Advance fusion (Anzu, Kodama, and Sudama) = Neko Shogun Incubus and Berith found in the first Palace. Mokoi and Koppa Tengu found in the second Palace. Nekomata and High Pixie found in the third Palace. Isis and Anzu found in the fourth Palace. Rank 7: (Lamia x Sandman) = Principality [With Tetraja] (Principality x Yaksini) = Ame-no-Uzume [Passed on Tetraja] (Ame-no-Uzume x Isis) = Lachesis Yaksini found in the third Palace. Lamia, Sandman, and Isis found in the fourth Palace. Rank 8: (Kin-Ki x Isis) = Unicorn (Kodama x Mokoi) = Lilim [With Masukunda] (Unicorn x Lilim) = Hecatoncheires [With Masukunda] As well, Unicorn and Lilim can both be found in the fifth Palace. Rank 9: (Ippon-Datara x Hua-Po) = Fuu-Ki (Fuu-Ki x Principality) = Hariti [Learns Samarecarm at Level 41] (Oni x Sudama) = Phoenix (Phoenix x Nekomata) = Pisaca Advance fusion (Hariti, Pixie, and Pisaca) = Bugs Pixie found at the first Palace. Ippon-Datara and Hua-Po found at the second Palace. Rank 10: (Succubus x Arsene) = Angel (Pixie x Angel) = Anubis (Anubis x Yaksini) = Thoth (Thoth x Fuu-Ki) = Kushinada (Kushinada x Hecatoncheires) = Horus Advance fusion (Anubis, Thoth, Isis, and Horus) = Seth Easy Way: Complete the Mementos quest "The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash" on October 14th to obtain a High Counter skill card. Teach Seth this skill. If your Empress rank is high enough or enough money to straighten: (Hua Po x Arsene) = Jatayu (Jatayu x Bugs) = Dakini [Will Learn High Counter at Level 52] (Lachesis x Neko Shogun) = Pazuzu (Dakini x Pazuzu) = Horus Twitch ► Twitter ► Artwork ► Iron Cat Jr. Outro Music ► daniel fm - Una Tristeza daniel fm's SoundCloud ► Purchase Persona 5 ►

RJC teaches you not only how to Fuse Pyro Jack, but where to find him and a little history about the Persona. Make sure to subscribe for Daily Fusion Frenzy Videos & More!

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