Asking questions in Arabic (lesson 12)

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Ask Questions in Arabic

How to use interrogatives to ask questions in Arabic MAN WHO AYNA WHERE MATAA WHEN LIMAZA WHY MAA WHAT MAZA WHAT

Arabic Possessive Pronouns with example (lesson 13)

Arabic Possesive Pronouns Mine Yours Ours....etc in Arabic

Learn Arabic through Urdu lesson.2 / آؤ عربی سیکھیں سبق.٢

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Top 25 Must-Know Arabic Phrases

In this lesson, you'll learn Top 25 Arabic Phrases that are used every day in Middle East. Subscribe for more videos: Find out more about this lesson, go to: Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks! Want more Arabic learning videos? Click here: - Facebook : - Google Plus : - Twitter : - Pinterest : Learn Arabic with real lessons by real teachers. Get your FREE Lifetime Account at

Demonstrative Pronouns in Arabic - اسم الإشارة

This video shows you ism ishaara /demonstrative pronouns/ in Arabic and the sentence examples also their meaning in English. I focus on demonstrative pronoun for singular noun both masculine and feminine. For things that are nearby, we use the pronouns this /singular/. For things that are far away, we use the pronouns that /singular/. This / masculine, singular/ in arabic is هَذَا This /feminine, singular/ in arabic is هَذِهِ That /masculine, singular/ in arabic is ذَلِكَ That /feminine, singular/ in arabic is تِلْكَ Special notes: - You can decide whether the noun is masculine or feminine by noticing the end of the word. - If you notice the noun ends with ta marbuta / ة / , the noun is feminine. - Masculine noun uses هَذَا and ذَلِكَ - Feminine noun uses هَذِهِ and تِلْكَ In the sentence examples, I give some arabic interrogative pronouns examples also, such as: مَا , مَنْ , etc. Afterwards, I also introduce simple yes/no answer in arabic : لاَ and نَعَمْ Subscribe this channel:

How to ask questions like why how where when in arabic !

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