AUTO VOX X2 CAR DVR - Review and Recordings

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This is my video review of the Auto-Vox X2 Car DVR with front facing dashcam and rear reversing camera, with GPS and Lane Departure Warning System.
Purchased from here on Amazon

Auto-Vox Dual Car DVR Review

I’ve been buying and trying dash cams and reversing cameras for about 5 years now, up until now i’ve failed to find the perfect solution for my needs…but in the X2 from Auto-Vox i may well have found what i’m looking for

My Requirements…

* High resolution front and rear recording cameras
* Reversing Camera with live view on a large screen
* Tidy installation with no hanging wires

This fits the brief perfectly.

The cameras are both great quality, the front camera can be set to 1296 or 1080p resolutions, 2304 x 1296 or 1920 x 1080 pixels
The front camera angle is adjustable to compensate for how you might have the mirror set to give you the perfect view and it slides away from the DVR housing to allow it to peep around the original rear view mirror.
The rear camera is 1280 x 720 resolution, it comes with a fully adjustable bracket covered in sticky pads, i did not need the bracket in my installation as my car allows for direct sticking of the camera body to the car at the right angle.

Either camera can be viewed live on the screen at all times, i find this very very useful because i leave the rear camera on the screen permanently, the view the camera gets at the back of the car is a hell of a lot better than the view i get from the original mirror, which is mostly headrests in my view.
You can also switch off all views by putting the DVR into “Driving Mode”, this blacks out the screen only leaving some information on the screen such as Speed, Time, Date and Direction, as well as Lane Departure Warning Lines. In this mode you can use the DVR as a standard rear view mirror.

The Auto-Vox X2 has a very bright and large 9.8 inches wide screen that is very responsive to touch operation, just like a modern smartphone.
You can slide your finger up and down to see the rest of the image from the camera, or slide left to right to adjust the screen brightness manually if you have it set to manual.
The Auto brightness mode is very good, the ambient light sensor does a really good job of adjusting the screen brightness as the external lighting changes.

Recordings are made to a class 10 micro sd card, 64 or 128gb is ideal, the dvr records video files in 1,2 or 3 minute chunks and when the card is full it automatically overwrites the oldest files with new ones.
It records 2 files at the same time, one from each camera, and the sound from the built in microphone is recorded onto both files, so go steady on the singing!

The DVR has an external GPS module that plugs into the DVR and is installed on the vehicle dash using its sticky pad
GPS gives map location features when viewing recorded files using the supplied Windows software, and it also gives speed & direction information when the DVR is in “Driving Mode”

It also has G-Sensors built in to detect movement of the car,
The G-Sensor is constantly recording the movement of the cars x, y and z movements, the recorded data is shown when you play files back using the supplied Windows software, this will give additional data should there be an accident or incident.

The supplied Windows PC software “DVR Player” shows the recorded video file as well as GPS mapping information showing where in the world you are, as well as the G-Sensor information about the cars movements, this is useful information to have if you are contesting an insurance claim, this data will show if the vehicle attempted to swerve or brake at the moment you are looking at on video.
You can playback the files without using the software in a PC or Mac using any media player able to play Quicktime MOV files

The reversing camera cable has a red wire that if connects to the cars reversing light live wire will display a parking guide and the rear view camera to aid reversing, i have not done this on this installation because it takes too much work to get to the read led lights in this car, i like it as it works now anyway.

In summary i am very pleased with this dvr system, it looks great, is great quality and does its job really well

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