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The Story of Jeff the Killer Part 1 (Bitstrips)

The first part of Jeff the Killer's Story in Bitstrips. I will be doing more, like how I imagine the origin of BEN or maybe even my own mini series. Songs used: Sweet Dreams (guitar cover Hello (acoustic cover) In The End (piano cover) I do not own Jeff the Killer's story or Bitstrips in any way.


AHHH YOU GUYS THIS TURNED OUT AMAZING!! Thank you to the ones who participated and who wanted to be backup. This is my first map ever to be completed and it's with so many people! You are are strong beautiful people who have talent far beyond this world and I am honored to work with all of you. Thank you again. Please give love to those who participated in this Multi Animator Project their names are located on the bottom right of the screen. the original audio of this poem: Original author: -------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Melanie Martinez [Speedpaint] - Paint tool SAI

FIND ME 🍑 -TWITTER: -DEVIANTART: -SNAPCHAT: @nepoppy THANK YOU FOR 500,000 VIEWS!! omg this is so wild honestly but thank u ya'll so sweet :'') Speedpaint of singer Melanie Martinez. All music played belongs to her. All art belongs to me. Tools: Paint tool SAI Camtasia Windows Movie Maker Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet Songs in order: Soap, Pity Party, Cry baby, Carousel (all by Melanie Martinez) Finished result: (C) Disclaimer: I don't own any of the music, all music belongs to Melanie Martinez. I only own video and drawing itself. I always read the comments even if I sometimes don't reply, don't worry. And I thank you all for the wonderful generous comments ^u^


An animation featuring a dream I had back in 2008. When I woke up, I wrote the details down so that I could do something with it in the future. 4 years later, here it is in the form of an animation where production began in 2012. First a dream, then as words, and now as an animation with voices. I hope you enjoy this story, even if it is really cheesy lol This is the story of Eighty-six. ~SumikoOneeSan *My mistake - Layna is NOT a Husky mix. Shes a Giant Malamute mix as shes much bigger & fluffier than a Husky.I wasnt aware of many dog breeds back then and thought she was a Husky. *Sorry, this isnt 'true' animation as I was in a rush on this part. ********** *86 Part 2 Clip: ********* USE HEADPHONES FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE!!! **PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CONCERNING THE CONTINUATION OF 86 BELOW** - many of you have asked if I will be continuing this and I already answered that in the description. **PLEASE BE AWARE I DID NOT QUIT TW3TBE. I put this note further down in the description, but now Im putting it here as well. Ive been getting piling comments asking me if I stopped Tw3tbe. NO I did not. I have multiple things on my channel, videos, and descriptions, saying Im still working on it. **** NOTE: C.E. means "Common Era" corresponding to A.D. "Anno Domini" *headphones are recommended *Please watch in high quality! *Special thanks to SubsonicFire for the 3D title! I appreciate it! =) *Special thanks to all the voice actors to voiced in this project =) ********** NOTE 2: Please keep in mind that in my dream, what was happening could only be understood through my experience, and therefore, in order for viewers to understand my dream, I had to create dialogue that explains what happens. Think of it like someone translated a set of pictures for you into words. Before, you only saw a storyboard, and some of the images did not make sense, yet after the author of those images gave them captions, then the story became understandable as it was 'translated' into your perspective of viewing. ********** -I should have waited a day to post this on 12/12/12 XD rest of the details are in the credits! D.R.E.A.M Deprived of Rest; Emerge Among Machines ___________________________ Now I will answer questions in case if you ask: *and now FAQs are added WHY WORK ON THIS AND NOT TW3TBE? -The reason why I worked on this rather than Tw3tbe was because I chose this story for a project. I decided to do my project as an animation, and thought that "Eighty-six" will work well. So I have been working on this for some time; in-consecutively. I also have been working on part 4 of Tw3tbe at the same time. Keep in mind, I DID NOT quit TW3TBE. WILL YOU CONTINUE 86? -Yes, and already animated a few parts. I wasnt able to finish the entire story in this animation, so I will definitely finish it. There is only a few minutes left, but I have to focus on other things in real life before I finish this story. When I do finish part 2, it will only be like around 5-7 minutes; thats how close it is to the end of that part of my dream. HOW MANY HOURS DID IT TAKE YOU TO COMPLETE THIS? -Ha, well, that is interesting. Unfortunately I didnt log my hours, but, I can for sure tell you that I went well over 200 hours. This includes animating and the editing process. I spent some days going without sleep to finish this. So doing this project was alot of wear and tear on me. I must now regenerate! The whole span of doing this was in the course of about - 2.5 months total, but in consecutively! I started animating this in 2012. CAN I USE THIS FOR A MUSIC VIDEO or WRITE A FANFIC/STORY INSPIRED BY THIS? -Yes and yes, you can, just as long as you give credit and link back to me because I would love to see it! =) CAN I HAVE MY CHARACTER IN THE NEXT PART OF 86? -No, sorry. WILL YOU FINISH 86 OR TW3TBE PART 4 FIRST? - I am finishing Eighty-six first, and my reason why is because this is the last of this part of the story. I feel that it gives 86 closure rather than prolonging what is going to happen for 3 years (if I finish TW3TBE first). I am currently working on 86 and will aim to get it done within the year so that I can continue working more on part 4 of TW3TBE (and I already animated quite a bit of it as well). WHY DO THE DOGS 'TALK'? -They can talk relative to their perspective. If I didnt allow them to talk in the story, then you would be hearing dog sounds with subtitles. The parts where the dogs speak are for YOUR reference to understand what they are saying. The humans DO NOT understand them.Why do the mechs speak to the dogs? The mechs are programmed where the human command word/sentence are translated into frequencies for dogs to understand. With a combination of word-related-emotions, the dogs interpret it as so. Think of it as a command to the dogs.

What is a "fake artist" and what is a fake artist. [+Speedpaint.]

Thanks to ForsakenSpirits for enabling me to make this video. Everyone, go watch their video to see what I mean. The base I used for the speedpaint is this: Fanart: [=======================] My Twitter: My Redbubble: My DA: My Tumblr: BloodRushBrigade website: [=======================]

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