The Times Podcast Interview With 2D And Murdoc

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Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz Co-creator) (Interview)

Gorillaz' Interview with 2-D & Murdoc (iTunes Session) - Part 1/3

2-D and Murdoc answer to some questions after the iTunes Session. All rights reserved to EMI and Gorillaz.

T-Mobile Gorillaz Interview [2D & Murdoc] STARTS AT 9:38

THE INTERVIEW STARTS AT 9:38 NOW STOP COMMENTING IT this livestream was live on 20/04/17

gorillaz interview best of Murdoc and 2D

gorillaz interview (best of Murdoc and 2D)

A Rather Lovely Altercation (Gorillaz Fan Animatic)

I absolutely adored this audio clip from the Gorillaz Itunes Interview, so I decided to make an animatic out of it! This took roughly four days to make. Also, I realize this audio takes place in Phase 3, but I decided to draw them in their Phase 4 clothing just because I wanted to draw 2D's high rising jeans. My instagram (Saeyounma):

This was an attempt- mEh

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