Get Fluent With 1 Trick - Become A Confident English Speaker With This Simple Practice Trick

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English Listening Practice, With Subtitles ★ Sleep Learning ★ 2000 Words.

Listen To English Conversation. Improve your English by listening to this English Conversation video. This video uses powerful binaural beats and sleep learning technology to help you improve your English speaking ability. It will help you recognise familiar words and teach you how basic English sentences are formed and used. It will also help you learn by totally immersing you in the English language which is proving to be hugely popular and successful. This audio features multiple dialogues of every day English conversation. This video uses advanced binaural beats to help you learn and recognise new words, as well as reinforcing English words you already know and helping you establish how these words are used in general every day conversation. ★How To Use Most Successfully★ - Listen to this video with headphones. - Listen to this video as you are going to sleep - Try and clear your mind of all other thoughts - Repeat the sentences and words out loud if possible - Visualise the sentences in your head. - Leave on as you fall asleep - Repeat the sentences you remember throughout your day - Try and use parts of the conversation in your daily life - Do this for 30 days to see massive results ★Video Description★: This English Conversation video is designed specifically to help you learn English. Listening to English conversation and hearing English conversation being spoken is proving to be an extremely popular learning method, as it is a great way of immersing yourself in a language you are trying to learn. It is great for helping you learn new English words, but more importantly recognising how certain words you have learnt are used in sentences, and in general English conservation. The brain does have the ability to absorb information whilst you’re asleep, as you may know from experience when real sounds from reality have entered your dream and woke you up. This works under a similar principle however the binaural beats ensure you are not woken up and that it is only the learning part of your brain that is listening to the video. Your brain has an optimal frequency for learning, (when you are totally focussed and absorb information easily), your brain also has a perfect frequency for remembering newly processed information and finally there is a frequency of the brain that allows your subconscious to absorb information whilst you sleep. When you then understand that binaural beats can put your brain at any frequency you want, it then becomes clear how this actually works. You are using binaural beats to basically get the most out of your brain. ★Main Features★: - English Conversation In this video we use every day English conversation. It uses daily/ typical conversations between 2 English speaking people. This is a great way to help familiarise yourself with the English language and give you a good chance to learn and remember new English words. We use typical English conversation which is suitable for all levels of English speakers, from beginner through to advanced. This will obviously help with studying for exams like, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge CAE and CPE. This video is great for helping you improve you own English speaking ability and perhaps identify how to use certain words and English phrases you are already familiar with and not quite sure how to use correctly. - Binaural Beats: Binaural beats used are: Theta 8.0 Hz, Delta 4.0 Hz, Delta 3.0 Hz. These binaural beats are claimed to improve learning, encourage sleep learning, improve our ability to remember specific places and finally to improve memory and help process newly absorbed information. The combination of these 3 specific frequencies is hugely powerful. There are played in the correct order allowing for complete processing, understanding and most importantly memorising. - Soothing Music: Soothing background music, there is some very soft music playing in the background just to distract from the sounds of the binaural beats and to ensure you are not distracted from the words you are learning. - Subtitles: Subtitles have been included in this English video due to popular demand. - HD Images: The images are there as a nice background, only 1 image is used as not to drain your battery or cause any buffering issues, we realise in this video actual images aren’t that important as it is more about what is being said than what you can see. Warning: Please remember first and foremost Theta/Delta waves are associated with sleep like states, so it is not advisable to use this video whilst driving. Credits: Adrift by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Get Fluent With 1 Trick PART 2 - Become A Confident English Speaker With This Simple Practice Trick

Get My Phrasal Verb program HERE: In this video, I continue the explanation begun in my Get Fluent With 1 Trick Video about how to learn like a native English speaker so you become able to express yourself in English without thinking or translating. If you want to speak English confidently, you MUST develop an understanding of CORE vocabulary meanings. This video shows you how! :)

إذا أجبت على جميع هذه الأسئلة فأنت تتقن اللغة الانجليزية (إختبار تحديد مستوى) ✅😎

ليصلك كل جديد على الفايسبوك: في هذا الفيديو، وضعت لكم 25 سؤال لتحديد المستوى دروس مستوى أول A1: دروس مستوى ثاني A2: دروس مستوى ثالث B1: دروس مستوى رابع B2: دروس مستوى خامس C1: تعلم الإنجليزية من خلال القصص: جميع دروسنا: حسابنا على الإنستغرام #اعرف_مستواك_باللغة_الإنجليزية #اختبار_تحديد_الستوى #تعلم_إنجليزي #أتقن_الإنجليزية

The Business of Teaching - 3 - How to Sell - How to Make Money Teaching Online

Click here to start speaking English like a native speaker - Click here to see a free survey/email collection app in action - In this new video series, I explain how I use education to drive my business, and why you should begin doing the same thing. No matter what business you're in - or could potentially enter - education offers you the chance to reach people beyond your local, physical community, and positions you as an authority to be respected and listened to in your niche/market. In this video, I explain how to sell. Specifically, how to earn money on things BEFORE you produce something so you can virtually guarantee the success of a new product or service. The more popular this series becomes, the faster I'll produce more videos in this series. Click here to start speaking English like a native speaker -

The #1 Reason You Don't Speak English Fluently - Introducing Drew Badger's Fluency Bridge Method Start expressing yourself clearly and confidently in English today with our complete 6 month fluency training video course! :) Even if you don't live in an English speaking country. No matter how old you are. And even if you've struggled to get fluent many times without success (like I did)... If you're like millions of English learners around the world, your story probably sounds a lot like this one: "I can read, write and understand English lesson videos quite easily, but it's really difficult to understand the words and accents of native speakers in person and on TV... And my speaking is awful! I'm so frustrated because I can't express myself with good pronunciation in spoken English like I can in my own language. I become really nervous and embarrassed in conversations. I forget words, make many grammar mistakes, and I often have to spend time thinking and translating in my head before speaking. I don't want to feel intimidated or helpless anymore. How can I understand real, spoken English and become a great speaker??" I get personal, emotional letters and comments like this every day from... Students who struggle with traditional English learning methods in classrooms... Parents who don't understand their English speaking children... Job seekers and employees who can't get the position they want... Executives and business owners who can't express themselves confidently in English with co-workers and clients... Retired professionals who want to use English NOW without learning boring grammar rules... Each person has a different, unique story, but they all share a common problem: they're not living the life they want because their English level holds them back. Another group of learners, however, is experiencing more English speaking success and confidence than they ever thought possible. They're studying LESS while learning MORE, and using unconventional strategies to overcome the fears they have of speaking English. They've begun a journey that will lead to incredible opportunities for the rest of their lives. And today, I'll invite you to join them... Hi there. I'm Drew Badger, author, English speaking confidence expert and co-founder of My online video lessons have been viewed more than two million times, and I was recently featured on the world's first massive open online teacher training course for English educators -- where I taught over 2,000 English teachers from around the world. The most important thing I want you to know about me, however, is that I began my journey to becoming a highly experienced teacher as an extremely confused and frustrated language learner, just like you... Learn the whole story of my journey to fluency, discover the 5 Poisons of traditional English learning methods, and begin learning real, native English the right way with my Fluency Bridge method at learn English, Master English Conversation 2.0, the problem with traditional English learning methods, why English is hard, why I struggle to learn English, English conversation, English conversation online, English conversation 1, English conversation practice, English conversation classes, English conversation video, English conversation video course, English conversation audio course, English conversation online course, learn with English conversation dialogues, English conversation lessons, English conversation with subtitle, English conversation 06, English conversation video, speak English, learn English speaking, how to learn English, English conversation, conversation in English, English conversation 01, conversation English lesson conversation, English conversation 02, English language conversation, conversations English, coversation English, learning conversation, conversation English, speaking conversations in English, English conversation o1, Englisdh conversation, esl conversation, youtube English conversation, learn American English learn English language, how to speak fluent English, learn american English online, how to sound like American English speakers, how to speak English like Americans, English conversation topics, how to learn English speaking, learn English today

Start speaking fluent English confidently -

Did you know that there’s just 1 simple trick to becoming a fluent English speaker?

Just 1 thing you must change about the way you learn to…

Have your words came out naturally and automatically – without hesitation – as if English were your first language, every time you speak…

Express your exact thoughts spontaneously, continuously and in detail, without being forced to change what you want to say – or only speak in simple sentences – because you can’t find the right words…

Understand everything you hear in English movies, TV shows, music and conversations, and finally speak confidently – without ever feeling nervous or worried about mistakes – with the smooth pronunciation of a native speaker…

And best of all, this 1 easy change in the way you learn will help you experience immediate improvement in your spoken English so you’ll finally be certain that you’re learning the right way.

But before I reveal this trick, I’d like you to know why so many English learners have problems with their English and struggle to become fluent Speakers…

Why do so many English learners often use words that sound unnatural in conversations?

What’s the reason they often have to think about what grammar rules to use before speaking?

What stops them from speaking smoothly and clearly?

The answer to all of these questions is, in 3 words…

How They Learn

You see, traditional language learning methods only give English learners part of the fluency puzzle…

Lessons teach them grammar rules, but not how to use grammar without thinking when they speak.

Students learn English through their own language, so they’re trained to hesitate and translate in their heads during conversations.

They learn to read and write the formal English of textbooks, but get very little training listening to – and speaking – casual, conversational, spoken English.

So, what is the 1 simple trick to becoming a successful English speaker?

It’s to learn English like native speakers.

Fluency is nothing more than a collection of habits, like using grammar without thinking, or pronouncing words correctly. So, all you need to do to develop the same habits native speakers have is to learn the same way native speakers learn…

When you learn English like native speakers, you master grammar automatically – without grammar tables and boring drills – through visual examples and stories.

Building fluency like a native speaker means you also learn slang, idioms, phrasal verbs and other conversational, spoken English expressions, in addition to what’s appropriate for writing.

Learning English the native way means you learn to speak fluent English naturally, actually practicing with native English speakers and building speaking confidence in the real world.

When you learn this way, it’s easy, fun, fast and doesn’t feel like studying at all, just like how you learned your own native language…

Now that you know that you must change the way you learn if you want to get fluent – because the traditional methods you’ve been using until now have not helped you become a confident speaker – how can you start developing the habits of a native English speaker so you can start speaking fluent English confidently?

With's English Fluency Training Video Course: Master English Conversation 2.0.

Master English Conversation 2.0 was designed by learners for learners with everything you need to finally…

Master even complicated grammar points without confusing grammar tables or boring drills so you can use grammar without hesitation when you speak…

Understand everything native speakers say and build a vocabulary of real, conversational words and expressions to start speaking naturally and correctly…

Improve your pronunciation and sound like a native speaker…

Develop the habit of speaking and responding spontaneously in real situations…

Overcome shyness, meet native English speakers online and in the real world to practice speaking with, and build speaking confidence…

Click on the link below to begin getting fluent the simple, easy way, just like native speakers, with a 100% guaranteed English conversation and fluency course – including 5 valuable, exclusive bonuses to help you get fluent even faster – available now for over 60% off.

You can begin learning immediately… today… with this fully-downloadable program, and start experiencing immediate improvement in your understanding, speaking and fluency.

Click on the link below now to get started.

I look forward to seeing you in Master English Conversation 2.0!

Start speaking fluent English confidently -

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