Retrospective Review - Dawn of War: Soulstorm

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Retrospective Review - Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War

The first of seven videos covering the Dawn of War games for those who have yet to play them and are interested in checking them out. After nine months in development (hell), hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.

Who Killed Command and Conquer?!?

Join the conversation! Patreon The Command and Conqer game series was a vital part of the birth and evolution of the RTS genre and sold millions of copies. Westwood's franchise competed for supremacy with the newly formed Blizzard Entertainment for supremacy of the newly forming RTS genre and the adoration of gamers everywhere. Come with me as I go over 20 years of research into the history of command and conquer fraught with buyouts form EA games and splintering teams so we can answer the question WHO KILLED COMMAND AND CONQUER? Also, I can't even tag all the games that are in this video because YouTube is saying that's too many tags. FINE THEN HOPEFULLY CLOSED CAPTIONS WILL PICK THEM ALL UP BUT I WILL NOT COMPROMISE HOW EXTENSIVE MY VIDEOS ARE FOR YOUR SEARCH ALGORITHMS The Kucan brothers' fantastic AMA THE BIG LIST OF SOURCES I USED (Be careful, there's almost 40 rabbit holes you can fall down here) here's some footage of Sole Survivor that I just coldn't get to run on my system

Retrospective Review - Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Third time's the charm as Dark Crusade continues to build upon the foundations of Dawn of War's brilliantly-executed approach to RTS, at the risk of a few potentially-ageing bugbears...

FOR THE EMPEROR | Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

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Warhammer 40K Fire Warrior Review

The Fire Warrior Review examines a Tau Warhammer 40K fps that's annoying to find, challenging to run, and harder to understand. Support the channel at or (I also take video suggestions there!) Twitter: #FireWarrior #FireWarrior Review #Warhammer40K #Warhammer40KFireWarrior #FireWarriorPC #FireWarriorPS2 #Tau

With the series placed in different hands, Dawn of War strays from smooth sailing to rockier roads, as the game goes under several confusing revisions, additions, and even a lack of them in the places which mattered.

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