Learn Penang Hokkien(Chinese Language) PART 3 with hokkien character and Poj 用唐儂字佮教會羅馬字/白話字學庇能福建話

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50 Important Words in Penang Hokkien

Learn 50 important words in Penang Hokkien as your basic building block in constructing sentences in the language. Once you have memorized the spelling of these, add to them with words from the Penang Hokkien Dictionary, as you expand your written vocabulary

Basic Hokkien - Part 1 of 2

Numerals Date and time Simple daily activities

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驚喜合唱 民歌四十 Flash Mob Chorus at Ban Qiao Rail Station

2013年6月【驚喜合唱】快閃活動首次在台北101登場,12月在北京國貿再創高潮。兩段視頻全球已創數千萬點閱人次,感動無數海內外華人。 適逢民歌四十年,2015年【驚喜合唱】以民歌為主題,精選了包括今山古道、微風往事、木棉道、散場電影、如果、恰似你的溫柔、外婆的澎湖灣、一條日光大道 等八首充滿畫面與時代代表的經典民歌,作為再返台北的曲目。 板橋車站不僅是台鐵、高鐵、捷運三鐵共構的大站,它更具與台灣一起成長的交通歷史。每一代的離人與歸人在此堆疊的交錯身影與情感,讓這個車站充滿了記憶與不同歲月的味道。 在板橋車站廣場的地表羅盤上,第三次【驚喜合唱】的演唱群在這時空之廊以歌聲與音樂紀念包括黃大城、馬兆駿、洪光達、施碧梧、梁弘志、潘安邦、李泰祥等原曲創作人與演唱人。讓2015年的【驚喜合唱】更加深具意義。 ==請勿重製或下載此一視頻,否則就是侵權了== ==更多有關驚喜合唱的信息,請查看http://www.fmctw.org== ******************************************************************* 民歌四十 再唱一段思想起 五月文物展覽 台北松菸/高雄駁二 民歌四十 再唱一段思想起 五月專書出版 各大書局 民歌四十 再唱一段思想起 六月演出 台北小巨蛋/高雄巨蛋 民歌四十 再唱一段思想起 十一月紀錄片 各大院線 ******************************************************************* Back in 2013, Flash Mob Chorus surprised many people in the food courts of Taipei 101 and Beijing CWTC and the online videos have touched many people’s hearts around the world, with a record of over 50 million views. Marking the 40th anniversary of the “Campus Ballad Movement” (校園民歌運動) , The Flash Mob Chorus strikes again at the new Banqiao Rail Station. The so-called campus folk song is a genre of music evolved in Taiwan from mid 70’s to the early 90’s. The program includes eight representative songs of that era: 1. Mountains and Ancient Trails 2. Breeze Past 3. Red Kapok Road 4. The Breaking up Movie 5. If 6. Just Like Your Tenderness 7. Grandma’s Penghu Bay 8. The Great Sunshine Way The event venue - Banqiao Rail Station is a hub to connect Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Train, and Taipei MRT. It is a landmark of the railway transportation development in Taiwan. Standing on the compass floor pattern of Banqiao Station, the Flash Mob Chorus performed the Campus Ballad songs in memory of our beloved musicians including 黃大城、馬兆駿、洪光達、施碧梧、梁弘志、潘安邦、李泰祥. © 2015 All Rights Reserved.



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