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In this video, we learn the Bulgarian colours. Although, our main focus is on the colours, at the same time we subconsciously memorize some basic travel vocabulary and grasp a very important grammar category called Gender.

We cover the names of 10 basic Bulgarian colours:

green - зелен
yellow - жълт
purple - лилав
white - бял
red - червен
grey - сив
brown - кафяв
pink - роов
black - черен
blue - син

We make a very coherent lesson by combining the colours with some helpful words as:

plane - самолет
car - кола
taxi - такси
ticket - билет
station - гара
bottle - бутилка
suitcase - куфар
map - карта
bicycle - колело

What is more, without putting too much effort, we also work on the grammar category of Gender.

For a better understanding of what the grammar category of Gender is and how to use it, check my article:

For a lot of English speakers this category might be a bit too abstract, but eventually, it will become more and more familiar. For people who speak other languages as Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, etc. the idea about words having a gender will be extremely easy to comprehend. Nevertheless, no matter what your nationality, age or level is, you should always remember that you are doing a great job. And never compare yourself to other learners as you do not know what their learning background is.

This is an absolutely amazing video because it combines three things in one. In addition, allows you to learn logically connected and extremely important words and concepts in Bulgarian.
Hope that you will enjoy it.
See you next time and until then smile, have fun and learn languages.

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