Conspiracy Theories /w Murdoc And 2D

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Thai cave rescue. Full story in 2D animation, including behind the scenes.

We have all been captivated with the Thai cave rescue; how the boys got trapped and how they were finally rescued. This story traces events from the day before up until after the boys were rescued including behind the scene footage and planning and how only a massive international effort saved the boys. Be sure to see this only complete story from A-Z in 2D animation and make sure to stay for the end limerick! Sources: ------------ Time International; July 23, 2018 July 11, 2018 Daily Mail; July 8, 2018 AFP; July 2, 2018 Times of India; July 4, 2018 ITV interview; This Morning July 16, 2018 Bisbo's other stories: -------------------------------------- Will glacier Larsen C’s breaking off lead to a rise in global sea levels: What happens now to the Paris Climate Accord after the US pullout?: Indian courts give another chance for the pollution-laden Ganges and Yamuna rivers to be reborn: Severe droughts in Maharashtra make its people thirst for water on a daily basis: By 2050, there will be more plastic waste in the seas and oceans than fish!: Delhi's air pollution: Why the problem refuses to go away: Bisbo's Limerick: --------------------- Don't forget to watch Bisbo's Limerick at the end of each video, that neatly sums up the topic. Everyone was trapped emotionally along with the boys Who 9 days without food showed unbelievable poise They sat on a slope But never gave up hope Until a daring rescue filled their world again with joys Follow Bisbo on Twitter: -------------------------------- @GoBisbo


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107 Gorillaz Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #19) - MicDrop

Gorillaz are known for rejecting mainstream music and idol worship, and of course for their awesome animated band members. Created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, we first met the band in 2001 with their single "Clint Eastwood" and later enjoyed the hit "Feel Good Inc.", and luckily, the Gorillaz are back for more. Murdoc, 2-D, Russel, and Noodle (for a time, Cyborg Noodle) - these band members won us over back then, and they are back again with a new album. So get ready — because MicDrop is counting down the 107 Music Facts About Gorillaz! ----------------------------------- Click All The Links! ----------------------------------- Watch 107 Music Facts About Drake ►► Watch 107 Eminem ►► Watch 107 Snoop Dogg ►► Watch 107 Music Facts About One Direction►► Watch 107 Music Facts About Beyonce►► Subscribe to MicDrop for new videos each week ►► Check Out Our Social: Don't miss out on these videos: More 107 Music Facts►► 13 Ways Beyonce Changed Music History►► ----------------------------------- Credits ----------------------------------- Written by: Angelique Sayson, Nahreen Tarzi Hosted by: Tetris Kelly Graphics and Edited by: Steven Ray Morris, Chase Anast Produced by: Soy Nguyen Additional Graphics by: Lauren Emory Interns: Winton Foulds and Megan Kallas Music by Audiomicro MicDrop is a brand new music channel featuring the biggest names in music. We take the artist you adore and give you the inside scoop on how they became the international hits they are today through our 107 Music Facts. We also have exclusive live performances from their artists and fun videos each week. Come back every week for your music fix: Thursday - 107 Music Facts Friday - Short Video Saturday - 107 Music Facts

Paula Flashback


Gorillaz: Best 2D and Murdoc moments

READ DESCRIPTION FIRST: This is a random gift for my best buddy 2dcrazy! :D I bring you all of the best moments of 2D and Murdoc! :D I honestly think that they are best buddies. Truly the best of friends. Maybe they can be a bit rough..but they get along great! (Sometimes..) This is a video showing all of my favorite scenes were 2D and Murdoc interact with each other. I will remind you guys that this is my first video with effects to it, so please do not judge me hard. And the "FIN" scene was cut off..I honestly don't know why. NO RUDE COMMENTS ARE ALLOWED! If you post anything rude or inappropriate on this video, you will be deleted and ignored. However, I am not a 2DXMurdoc fan, but I will allow all you fan girls to be free and say anything you want. I don't think there a couple, I just think there friends. lol But you 2DXMurdoc fans can post anything you want. I won't delete your comments. Sorry for the watermark at 1:08 and the little green line on the side at some points.. Well, enjoy! And sorry for the ending, I was a bit...random. xD Note: Some parts of the clips/audio belong to: Guitarstarsolo, WeAreTheDury, TheReturnOfJames2J (2D and Murdoc belong to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett)


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