2018 QOROS 3 GT City SUV Full Car Overview

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Top 10 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019

Representing Top 10 Electric Cars That Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019 01: BMW i3s Comes in 2018. Starting range 124 miles, 184hp, top Speed 99mph, price $48,000. 02: BMW Mini Concept Comes in 2019, Specs N/A 03: Mercedes GLC F-Cell Comes in 2019, Range 271miles (electric range-50km), 197hp, electronically-limited top speed of 99 mph, price $55,000 04: Mercedes EQ Concept Comes in 2019, Range 310 miles, 400 hp, top speed 150mph, price $39,000 05: Audi Elaine Comes in 2019, range 311 miles, 429hp, price N/A 06: Honda Urban EV Comes in 2019, Specs N/A 07: Jaguar I-PACE Comes in 2018, Range 220 miles, 400hp, top speed 200mph 08: Hyundai Kona Comes in 2018, Range 217 miles, 177hp, top speed 160mph, price $39,000 09: Volvo Polestar One Comes in 2019, Electric Range 93 miles, 600hp combined(electric 218 hp) 10: 2018 Nissan Leaf Comes in 2018, range 150 miles, 174hp, top speed 93mph, price $29,990 Tesla Model 3 Specs Starting Range 220 miles, 258 hp, top speed 140mph, price $35,000.

LYNK & CO 03 Concept Sedan - Exterior Interior

LYNK & CO 03 Concept Sedan - Exterior Interior videos ynk & Co, the new automaker with Chinese money and manufacturing, and Volvo's engineering resources, has just previewed its 03 Concept, a design prototype that is the second vehicle the startup has shown in just five months. Leaning heavily on the styling language first established with the 01 Concept, the car is set to roll under the klieg lights at the Shanghai Motor Show this week, but for now, we've got these first images of the sedan. The car is expected to ride atop a similar chassis as the 01 crossover SUV, which means it likely employs a version of the Compact Modular Architecture shared with sister brand Volvo. The 03 Concept four-door looks similar in size to the 01 crossover, so it's reasonable to expect that it too will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine backed by an electric motor. The 01 crossover is also expected to be made available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and there's talk of both pure electric and plug-in hybrid models in its future, all of which would likely extend to a production 01 sedan.. Read more https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/lynk-and-co-shows-first-pics-of-volvo-developed-03-sedan-prototype/ LYNK & CO 03 Concept Sedan Exterior Interior - photos / pictures / pics / images LYNK & CO 03 Concept Sedan - Exterior Interior 2017 / 2018 / 2019 New Cars 2017 / 2018 / 2019

2018 Zotye Traum S70 MPV - Zotye Goes Hi-Tech

Automobiles in Pakistan be it Japanese or Chinese, are far behind in terms of quality, safety and equipment, compared to the rest of the world. In most cases, models sold in Pakistan are done with their life in global markets. The recent case was with the Zotye Z100, the once cheapest car in China which was introduced in Pakistan by HRL Motors for a staggering PKR 11.72 lac, not to mention the Z100 was discontinued in China two years ago. Similar examples were found in case of (now inactive) Karakoram motors who were the first to have signed a technical collaboration agreement with Chery to produce right-hand-drive vehicles in Pakistan. Despite this all what we got were obsolete substandard Chery, Gonow & Changan minivans that were no longer available for sale in China. This actually tarnishes the image of Chinese cars (in Pakistan) which are otherwise rolling out sensational vehicles in their home as well as export (competition driven) markets. HRL Motors who are the people behind bringing in the Zotye Z100 have completely messed up with the launch of an overpriced hatchback and are yet to arrange a single dealership in the country, thus the Z100 can only be viewed on Facebook. Zotye on the other hand just doesn’t produces the likes of Z100 anymore. Like many other Chinese automakers, they are rolling out quite impressive vehicles today, such as the Z700 saloon, Z560 sedan, the SR7 SUV or the T500 SUV. However the name brand Zotye is largely associated with low-cost vehicles with mostly copied designs in China and no wonder the company wanted a better brand impression in the market, hence they went upscale by launching a new brand called ‘Traum’ in 2017. The word Traum means ‘dream’ in German, however the brand has nothing to do with Germany. Traum is aimed towards younger buyers and will consist of cars with original design and advanced power plants. Reportedly Traum vehicles are penned by Daimler designer Benedek Toth. The Traum vehicles are based on new modular TMA platform and are powered by three turbocharged engines, a 1.2 liter (150 hp), 1.5 liter (177 hp) and 2.0 liter (245 hp). The company also plans to introduce HEVs and PHEVs while intends to launch 9 models by 2019, eight of which are SUVs and just one sedan. Interestingly, the Traum-branded cars are manufactured by Jiangnan Auto, a subsidiary of Zotye most famous for building China’s cheapest car; the Jinangan Alto (Mehran replica). One of the first vehicles to roll off under the new brand is Traum S70. It’s a good looking car, mixing elements of an MPV and an SUV quite nicely. It measures 4746/1882/1700mm having a wheelbase of 2800mm. The Traum S70 is powered by 1.5 liter turbo mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, sending power to the front wheels. And it’s not just the outside, the S70 is impressive on the inside too. The dashboard comes with a unified 25 inch screen, which really consists of two separate sub-screens: one for the instrument panel and one for the infotainment. Moreover the panel graphics can be customized whichever way the user likes. The S70 is a genuine 7 seater with 2/3/2 seating setup and has an long list of features including dual-zone climate control, air-purifying system, panoramic glass top, front seats with heating and ventilation, six airbags, circular video review, cruise control, lane control, leather interior, keyless access and push-button ignition etc. The Traum S70 is priced from 80,900 yuan (PKR 14.09 lac) to up to 115,900 yuan (PKR 20.19 lac) for the fully loaded version. Now if we take a look back at the Zotye Z100, clearly there is a day and night difference between the two. And it becomes hard for anyone to digest that it’s the same company which develops both the Z100 and the S70. Well, the reason is simple, the Zotye Z100 was developed nearly 7 years ago based on the 7th generation Alto platform, and since then the company, like most Chinese automakers, has improved dramatically in automobile development.

2018 Geely Borui GE PHEV Sedan Debuts In China With Volvo Three Cylinder, 7-Speed DCT

Geely continues the expansion of its product lineup in the Chinese market with the launch of a new car: the Borui GE. According to Xincheping, it is a plug-in hybrid version of the Borui range and combines a three-cylinder 1.5-liter direct-injected petrol unit with an electric motor and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The internal combustion unit comes from Volvo, where it already powers the XC40 T3. Moreover, it will eventually be adopted by the Swedish company’s upcoming electrified models of the 40 series, and by the certain Lynk vehicles. No specs have been announced yet, as the new Geely Borui GE will make its official debut on April 9 before going on sale locally in mid-summer. However, the local media talks about a very impressive combined fuel consumption of just 1.5 l/100 km (156.8 US mpg / 188.3 UK mpg). On the outside, the PHEV carries the design of the modern Geely cars, including the rest of the Borui family, to which it adds a tweaked grille and lighting units. In the cabin, it gets a massive infotainment system, with a 12.2-inch touchscreen display that provides access to various functions. Other features include wireless charging for smartphones, ambient lighting and various LED decorations. Despite the generous screen added in the middle of the dashboard, Geely chose not to offer a digital instrument cluster, probably to keep costs down.

2018 Qoros 5 SUV Full Car Overview

Qoros Auto launched its MILE Project at Auto China 2018 and showcased the high-performance intelligent electric coupe Qoros MILE 1 concept, the first model under the MILE Project. According to the automaker, the MILE Project is made in line with the future auto trend of electrification, light-weight, multifunction and higher degree of intelligentization. Featuring a dynamic design, the MILE1 carries 5G network and the Qoros Mr.Q, which is an AI assist system providing voice-activated vehicle and weather information and other entertainment services. Apart from the MILE1 concept, Qoros Auto also showcased the Qoros 3 sedan, the Qoros 3 Hatchback, the Qoros 3 City SUV, the Qoros 3 GT and the 2018 Qoros 5 SUV at the event. The Qoros 5 SUV, which is the most popular model among the Qoros family, is powered by a 1.6L turbocharged engine paired with a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. Besides,it can steeply decelerate from 100-0 km/h within 36.4 meters. In the second half of this year, the automaker will promote a series of refreshed models and start to launch new energy models as well. In 2019, Qoros Auto will upgrade powertrain systems for models to be sold in 4S stores and release its second BEV (batter electric vehicle) model. What's more, the company has been improving the C-class, D-class platforms and GEV platform to comprehensively cover 7-seat SUV, 7-seat MPV and mid-to-large sedan segments.

Chinese automaker Qoros is ready to launch its first sports crossover sedan for the Chinese market, dubbed the Qoros 3 GT, and has released a preview ahead of its official launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Qoros says that the 3 GT creates an entirely new segment in the market catering towards customers “who prefer both the driving comfort of a sedan and the traffic ability of an SUV”.

The 3 GT powered by the brand’s standard 1.6-liter turbocharged engine producing 156 hp and is differentiated from other Qoros models through its black body cladding and design inspired by the 3 Q-Lectric concept unveiled earlier in the year.

Speaking of the 3 Q-Lectric concept, this will also be on display in Guangzhou as a proposal for the ever-increasing domestic EV market, with Qoros hoping that a production version would rival the Chevrolet Bolt but be even cheaper. Qoros says that the concept has a range of 217 miles (350 km) and that it can accelerate from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 7 seconds and continue to a 101 mph (162 km/h) top speed.

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