Plant Based for $10 a day or less (2018) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

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Plant Based Vegan Trader Joe's Haul (2018) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

Trader Joe's: 1800 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Kale Chips recipe: Hummus recipe: Salad Dressing recipes: Banana Granola recipe: Indian Butter Chicken recipe: Rancho Gordo Beans: Whole Food Plant Based T-shirts: Instagram:


What I eat as a VEGAN... REAL LIFE BUSY WORK DAY. 3 EASY VEGAN RECIPES! ⭐️SHOP ➤ MY COOKBOOK! 100+ RECIPES: ⭐️ 🌱VEGAN PROTEIN/GREENS: Use MADDIE10 FOR 10% OFF MADFIT YOUTUBE CHANNEL: CAULIFLOWER CREAM SAUCE RECIPE: COLD OATS RECIPE: 3/4 cup quick oats (I use these because they soak up the milk the fastest) 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp chia seeds 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1/2-3/4 cup plant milk (enough to cover the oats) fresh fruit of your liking to top! OTHER VIDEOS: ➤ PREVIOUS VIDEO (WHAT I EAT DATE NIGHT VLOG): ➤ WHAT I EAT IN A DAYS: ➤ RECIPES: ➤ WORKOUTS: ➤ VLOGS: 📷 GEAR I USE: CAMERA: 42.5mm LENS: TRIPOD: MICROPHONE: GOPRO: ✘ I N S T A G R A M: @maddielymburner ✘ S N A P C H A T: @maddielymburner ✘ T W I T T E R: @maddielymburner ✘ F A C E B O O K: ✉ C O N T A C T (business inquiries): ⓥ Why Vegan? • COWSPIRACY: Check out Cowspiracy on Netflix! • WHAT THE HEALTH: • THE BEST SPEECH YOU'LL EVER HEAR: • 101 REASONS TO GO VEGAN: • EARTHLINGS: • FORKS OVER KNIVES: 🎥 CAMERA: Lumix G85 🎶 MUSIC: Epidemic Sound

The Power of Plant-Based Eating | Dr. Joanne Kong | TEDxUniversityOfRichmond

The Power of Plant-Based Eating Dr. Joanne Kong; The Power of Plant-Based Eating This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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PLANT BASED ON A BUDGET, Cheap Easy Meals | No. 1

Plant based vegan meals on a budget. Cheap easy vegan meals, $6.77 a day, includes grocery list and recipes. Plant based vegan meal plan for two whole weeks to save you cash money! I went to Costco this week, and each week will continue to build on each other to eventually build a full pantry! Watch the whole series | Based on the USDA cost of food reports, I'm going to spend between the thrifty and low cost food plans for these budget prep videos. _______________________________ GROCERY LIST 10 sweet potatoes 1.5lb bag of lettuce/mixed greens 12 lemons 20 red delicious apples 28 bananas 3lb frozen dark sweet cherries 3lb frozen blueberries 36 oz hummus 8 cans black beans 1.5 gal. Soy Milk 56oz peanut butter **These items are MUCH cheaper at Costco than on Amazon, but here are some links if you can’t find them: 25.4oz LIVfit superfood blend [ ] 12lb brown rice [ ] Easiest grocery list ever!! _______________________________ MEAL PREP - 4 days at a time RICE - makes 1.9 cups per serving when cooked 2 1/2 cups dry rice 6 cups water *follow cooking instructions on back of bag Mason Jars - 16 oz [ ] _______________________________ RECIPES Lemons are for lemon water in the morning and throughout the day (1/2 to 1 a day) RECIPE No.1 | BERRY BOWL 1/2 cup dark sweet cherries, frozen 1/2 cup blueberries, frozen 4 tbsp. LIVfit Powder 1/2 cup water 1 banana TOP WITH: 1/2 cup soy milk RECIPE No.2/3 | APPLES & PB (have twice) 1 apple 2 tbsp. Peanut Butter RECIPE No.4 | RICE & SWEET POTATO FRIES 1 cup cooked rice 3/4 of a sweet potato (made into fries) RECIPE No.5 | SIMPLE GREEN SMOOTHIE 1 1/2 cup mixed greens/lettuce 1 banana 1 1/4 cup Soy Milk RECIPE No.6 | RICE & BEANS 1/2 can (7.5 oz) drained black beans 1 cup cooked rice 4 tablespoons hummus _______________________________ LINKS Instagram | @jaclynwood_com Snapchat | @woodjaclyn Twitter | Facebook | Website | _______________________________ MUSIC | Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library | Aware - Kontinuum | Up & Away - JPB | Echoes - LFZ

Three delicious Plant Based meals for less than $10!

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One of the most common things that I hear people say when talking about switching to a Plant Based diet is that it is expensive. Well, that is just not true. The foods you should be eating most in a Plant Based diet just happen to be very affordable. Dry beans, oats, bananas, greens and onions are affordable even if they are organic in most stores.

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