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6 Hair Care Tips For Humid Weather, Hair fall And Frizzy Hair - Hair Tutorial

Hair tends to act really pricey in the humid weather. Hair fall and frizzy hair are two of the most common problems that most of us have to deal with during this time. So we've come up with 6 useful hair care tips that'll keep your tresses healthy and shiny all year round. Hairstylist, Noella Pereira shares with you some of her secrets, right from how to shampoo and condition your hair the right way to foods you should add to your diet in order to stop your hair from losing it’s natural volume and shine. These hair care routine will definitely work for your hair and give them a new healthy look. Let us know in the comments below if you liked these hair tutorial tips. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions from you :) For more videos log on to Prop Courtesy: ABACA, Mumbai - KHAZANA, Mumbai - FREEDOM TREE, Mumbai- KULTURE SHOP, Mumbai- TRANCEFORME, Mumbai- Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: Like Us on Connect with us on G+: Like us on Facebook: Tweet us your favourite videos on: Connect with us on Instagram: Connect with us on Pinterest: Glamrs is the first Indian makeup, beauty, style, fitness and lifestyle video platform for women. Tune in daily for the latest and trendy makeup tips, healthcare, fashion ideas, nail art, daily life hacks, interesting DIY videos and much more. Our team of beauty, style, fitness and health experts brings you the best advice, tips, tricks and home remedies so you are always in-the-know, through quick videos that you can easily watch on your phone.

10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

Almost all of us are ready to spend a bunch of money or follow any advice to make our hair healthy and shiny. Let’s bust the most popular hair care right now! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How To Tame And Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair | DIY Hair Mask For Frizz And Hairstyles

Nobody likes frizzy hair or dry hair! Want to know how to tame frizzy hair? We have the perfect home remedies for frizz and some quick and easy hairstyles for both dry hair and curly hair. Hairstylist, Shalini Samuel shares her best kept secrets that’ll help you tame that frizz along with a DIY hair mask and two incredibly easy hairstyles that you will LOVE! Shalini recommends the Organix Org Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil and a round wooden brush for frizzy hair. If you’re interested in buying it, click on the link, right here: 1. 2. Now you will never have to deal with frizz ever again! Let us know if you liked these tips, in the comments below. We would love to know your great ideas as well :) For more videos log on to Check out Shalini's Youtube channel, KnotMePretty, right here - Prop Courtesy : Sanctum


Watch More - HOW TO GET SHINY HAIR,SILKY HAIR, SOFT HAIR ,SMOOTH HAIR NATURALLY~ HOMEMADE HAIR MASK FOR DRY DAMAGED HAIR In this video, I have shared an very easy Homemade Hair Mask to get Shiny hair, Silky hair, Soft hair, Smooth hair. Every woman wants to have Smooth hair and silky hair. Short or long, curly or straight—Soft Silky Shiny hair always gives a good impression. Soft Hair and Shiny Hair takes a bit of effort. Proper Hair care is the only way for both men and women to get Shiny, Silky , Soft and Smooth hair.Most of us use numerous branded conditioners, shampoos and serums to add a beautiful shine to our hair. But over time, these products can do more harm than good. Instead of using these products, you can try some Simple and Natural Home Remedies to make Hair Smooth and Shiny. Home made hair mask for hair fall, hair thinning, hair care, hair care routine, hair mask for hair, long hair, How to grow natural hair, how to grow thick hair, black long hair, how to grow thick hair, how to get long hair fast, hair mask for damaged hair, Soft hair, hair mask for hair growth, home remedies, Shiny hair, Aloe Vera mask for hair growth, homemade hair mask, how to grow hair faster, how to grow hair faster, how to grow your hair, grow hair faster, hair fall treatment, smooth hair and Remove all Hair Problems. In this video, I have share a method of preparing Herbal Hair Mask at Home. If you have any of the question mention below , than this is the Hair oil for you.How to reduce hair fall How to do hair care Hair care routine Hair mask for hair How to grow long hair How to grow natural hair How to grow thick hair How to grow black long hair How to grow thick hair How to get long hair fast Hair mask for damaged hair How to get Soft hair Hair mask for hair growth Home remedies how to get Shiny hair Aloe Vera for hair growth Homemade hair mask How to grow hair faster How to grow hair faster How to grow your hair How to grow hair faster How to reduce hair fall treatment How to get smooth hair How to growing healthy hair How to cure itchy scalp How to stop hair loss How to remove dandruff Ayurveda hair care Organic hair care How to make oil at home Homemade hair growth oil Hair growth tips for women Homemade hair mask Homemade hair pack ~Try it out and let me know your feedback in comment box.... ~ Thank you for watching & Please Subscribe My channel for more videos.. For more videos- Get Straight Hair Naturally At Home~Hair Straightening Treatment Homemade Neem Hair Oil For Scalp Pimples,Scalp Bumps,Hair Dandruff,Itchy Scalp,Hair Fungal Infection Remove Dark Circles, Wrinkles Eyes, Puffy Eyes || Homemade Eye Cream || 100% Effective Home Remedies HOW TO DO PEDICURE AT HOME ~ IN 5 EASY AND SIMPLE STEPS सफ़ेद बालो को जड़ से प्राकृतिक रूप से काला करने का उपाय | Turn Grey Hair To Black Hair Naturally नाखूनों को सफ़ेद करने के लिए सबसे अच्छा तरीका~ Only in 10 minutes | How to Whiten your Yellow Nails How To Grow Long and thick Hair Faster Naturally || Magical Hair Growth Treatment ~100% Works 3 Healthy Skin Whitening Secrets || Get Younger Glowing Skin Instantly क्या नीबू बालो को सफ़ेद बनाता है ? - Does Lemon Makes Your Hair White - Sach ya Jhoot Get Long Hair, Soft Hair, Smooth Hair,Thick Hair and Healthy Hair~Homemade Aloe Vera Hair Oil How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast Naturally|| Best Home Remedies for Removing of Lice from Hair 7 Day Skin Challenge :Get Bright,Fair,Smooth,Glowing Skin~Homemade Natural Face Pack~100% Effective Homemade Magical Hair Oil for Long Hair, Silky Hair, Shiny Hair, and Smooth Hair Hibiscus Homemade Hair Oil for Hair ReGrowth/Remove Dandruff/Thick Hair/Reduce Hair Fall/Black Hair Follow me on social : Google plus - Blog- Facebook- DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should NOT be considered as professional advice. We are NOT a licensed or a medical practitioner so always consult professional help. We always try to keep our channel & its content updated but cannot guarantee it. All sponsored videos published on this channel are mentioned in the video and/or its description box. The content published on this channel is our own creative work protected under copyright law.

How to grow hair healthy and long | Hair Care Tips | Fashion | Pinkvilla​

You know those times when you go for a haircut "Just a trim" and the hairstylist ends up chopping 6 inches and you just sit there wondering how you can stick all those hair back! Well, here are some simple solutions that will help boost hair growth and give you longer and thicker hair faster. From simple tips like a head massage and trimming rough ends to the inversion method, apple cider vinegar rinse, damage proof hairstyles here are some tips that will help you grow your hair longer, healthier and faster. Subscribe: If you like the video please press the thumbs up button. Also, leave us your valuable feedback in the comments below. For the latest on Bollywood, Fashion & Beauty do check: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: For Pinkvilla South visit: For Pinkvilla Hindi visit:

Hair fall, frizz and dryness are some of the most common symptoms of damaged hair. To top it off, chemical treatments that are not followed up with a proper haircare regime, worsen the condition further. The good news is, you don’t really have to invest in expensive treatments or lengthy procedures.

All that’s required is to simply incorporate daily common hair habits that can significantly improve your "scalp and strand” condition.

We’ve shortlisted 6 such habits that can help your hair transform into luscious shiny locks. So don’t settle for fried strands and take a step towards healthy looking hair!

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