RUDE Japanese Words You Use Without Knowing + What You Should Say Instead

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NEVER Do These 10 Things in JAPAN!

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How to INTRODUCE Yourself (Without Sounding Annoying) in Japanese

Speak Japanese with a native ^.^ (You'll get 10$ in credits by clicking the link.) ★In this lesson I teach you how to introduce yourself in Japanese. Be careful if you have a habit of repeating the word "わたし (watashi) = I"!!! My First Kiss (hajimete no chuu) - Phrases you'll learn: ☆ Nice to meet you. ★ I'm *name*. Please call me *nickname*. / My name is ~. ☆ I'm *nationality* (e.g. American, Canadian, English...) ★ I'm from *place*. ☆ I live in *place* (now). ★ I used to live in *place*. ☆ I'm a student. ★ I'm studying ~. (I'm studying Japanese.) ☆ I work at ___. / I'm working for ____. / I'm *profession*. (e.g. English teacher, programmer) ★ I like ~. ☆ My birthday is ~. ★ My blood type is ~. ☆ when to use "YOROSHIKU"! Write your introduction in Japanese in the comment ♡ Want longer lessons? Support me on Patreon - Hope you enjoy it! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the videos :) I read all the comments and I appreciate them all xx ********************************************** SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter!!! ☆ More Japanese lessons exclusively for subscribers ********************************************** I want friends on Twitter! Talk to me @japaneseammo Instagram @japaneseammo_misa Read more articles on the grammar -

10 American Words That Completely Confuse Brits!

There are some American words that completely confuse us Brits. Sometimes it feels like a different language! So I have collected together 10 Americans that confuse British people the most. Some of them I had never heard before until researching for this video. If you know any other American English words that are confusing or if you are an American who find British words confusing, let me know in the comments below. Recommended English Resources: - *English Grammar In Use - - *English Idioms In Use - - *English Phrasal Verbs In Use - *IMPROVE YOUR LISTENING WITH AUDIBLE - If you enjoyed this video please SHARE it with anyone you know studying English and of course hit the LIKE button. Stay connected with me on social media - Website: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Patreon: Camera: Canon G7X Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X Music by Epidemic Sound ( *affiliate links

kanji elementary school 1st grade overview part 1(Please read the correction below.)

★CORRECTION!!★→5:50 When I wrote 百円玉, I mistook the stroke order of 玉, sorry. The 4th stroke and the 5th one is reverse. The dot is the last stroke. ★ABOUT THE PEN→The black pen I used is "ぺんてる 筆touchサインペン ブラック SES15C-A(Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen, Black)" It is sold in Amazon(search by SES15C-A). ★CORRECTION 1:44 the reading of 七 is "shichi", not "shiti", sorry. ●PDF text in the video: writing practice sheet : ●time table of contents 0:05 一 0:24 二 0:36 三 0:49 四 1:17 五 1:30 六 1:42 七 1:55 八 2:11 九 2:29 十 2:41 百 3:05 千 3:35 円 4:30 玉 5:59 日 9:16 月 10:42 火 11:22 水 12:00 木 12:33 金 13:26 土 14:00 山 14:20 川 14:39 石 14:59 田 15:33 天 16:00 気 16:39 空 17:16 雨


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Speak Japanese with a native ^.^ (You'll get 10$ in credits by clicking the link.)
In this lesson we'll learn words & phrases you should avoid.
There are LOTS of words that learners use but are actually RUDE / CRINGEY in Japanese.
If you learn Japanese just using dictionaries, Google Translate and textbooks, you end up sounding RUDE AND WEIRD D:

Do you know how to say these things in Japanese PROPERLY?:
- I love you.
(Phrase you get from the Google Translate is NOOOO!)
- I'm happy to be your friend.
- Thank you. (Arigatou is rude!)
- Lots of ways to say the word "you"
- "Well done" (yoku dekimashita - looking down at someone)
- Imperative (e.g. たべろ!いけ!) vs Request form (e.g. たべて!いって!)
- How to SWEAR / Japanese Swear Words
- I feel bad. (Does かわいそう mean "it LOOKS cute"???)

P.S. Japanese can be very different depending on the region.
What I'm teaching is the standard (hyoujungo) Japanese that's used in Tokyo / Kanto region. ^^

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