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Plane spotting at YVR airport volume 50 (Rain Edition)

A rainy day of plane spotting at Vancouver International. Aircrafts 0:10 WestJet / Boeing 737-7CT 0:41 WestJet / Boeing 737-6CT 1:08 Icelandair / Boeing 757-208 1:45 KLM / Boeing 777-206(ER) 2:32 KF Cargo / Convair 340 Convairliner 3:18 United Airlines / Boeing 737-924(ER) 3:51 Air Canada (NEW LIVERY) / Airbus A320-214 4:24 KF Cargo / Convair 340 Convairliner 4:58 British Airways / Airbus A380-841 7:42 EVA Air / Boeing 777-35E(ER) 8:11 China Airlines / Airbus A350-941 Business - (Shot-outs To) DPSJ AVIATION Bike Gang Zinédine's Aviation Warhawk FRAproductions Transportfan2 Toronto Plane Spotter 23 L Mark Cerkvenik Newark-Liberty International Airport Spotter AeroporosGR JKL Járművek Világa Notts boy24 Devita animation Basketball Dude patsystone edina German Korb Timelaps Captain Paul MARLIES WITMER VOGELSANG TheAirplaneChannel My Everything Jaydon Formosa JonasAviation Vienna Plane Spotting swissaviation Ind Trains LindyFlight- San Diego Spotting Heathrow Aviation Josh’s Aviation Spotting! Captain Steven Markovich And Many More

Basics of Chinese Writing (Hanzi) Part 1/3

Have you ever wanted to read or write Chinese characters, but felt absolutely overwhelmed? In this series of videos, we break Chinese characters down into their most basic parts, and establish the foundation needed for developing a solid understanding of Chinese writing. Watch a few videos, and before you know it, you'll find that you like billions of others will be hooked on the surprising simplicity, beauty, and mystery of this most ancient, yet widely used writing systems. Enjoy! -- Visit for more videos, HSK test preperation, apps, and thousands of training questions. Sign up is free, so make today the day you decided to truly master Chinese.

9 Reasons To Learn Mandarin Chinese║Lindsay Does Languages Video

Ever thought about learning Mandarin Chinese? Here are 9 reasons to learn Chinese and the best resources to learn the language. If you've been looking for some reasons to learn Chinese and you're not sure where to start, this ones for you. What are your reasons for learning Chinese? Share in the comments! Cool stuff below.... Read the blog + get your free Chinese Travel Phrases: Subscribe on YouTube: Social Media: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Tumblr: Google+: Music: Nicolai Heidlas - Happy Chances:

Learn Basic Greetings in Mandarin Chinese: Hello, How Are You, Thank you 中文打招呼❤ LearnChineseWithEmma

Learn basic Chinese greetings with Emma including how to say "hello", "how are you", "I am very good", "thank you", "you're welcome", and "Good-bye" in Chinese! Please subscribe and like this video! ❤S U B S C R I B E: MORE VIDEOS: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Check out more information below↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ▼Let's be friends▼ ❤ Main Channel: Learn Chinese with Emma ❤ Vlog channel: EmmaXue TV ❤ My Online Shop: Happy Panda Shop (Chinese Apparel, Gifts, Books, School Supplies, and much more!) ❤ More Videos: Basic Greetings in Chinese Introduce Yourself in Chinese: Numbers from 1-10 in Chinese: Family member song in Chinese: Chinese Pinyin Introduction: Happy New Year Song in Chinese: Happy Birthday Song in Chinese: Colors in Chinese: Chinese House/Apartment Tour: Travel to China with Emma, Xi'an City Wall: ❤ FACEBOOK: Learn Chinese With Emma ❤ INSTAGRAM: Learn Chinese With Emma ❤ WeChat微信: Learn Chinese With Emma ❤ TWITTER: Chinese with Emma ***************************************************** ❤ONLINE CHINESE LESSONS WITH EMMA❤ I'm offering online Chinese lessons, send me an email for more information! I look forward to hearing from you! *Lesson Bookings and Business inquiries only:* ***************************************************** I'm always here to help you learn Mandarin Chinese in a fast and very fun way! Thank you so much for watching my videos and for your support! Please stay tuned for more videos! XOXO, Emma

How to Learn Chinese Characters

** Sign-up for you free trial here: Learning Chinese characters is easier than many students realize. The problem is that many students are still studying Chinese characters using out-dated and inefficient methods. To understand the best way to learn Chinese characters it's useful to understand how they were originally developed. This video gives a brief explanation of the main ways in which characters have been developed by looking at different character types, including: - pictographic characters - indicative and associative characters - and most importantly, the picto-phonetic characters Of these, the picto-phonetic method is responsible for 80% of Chinese characters and is the key to learn Chinese characters efficiently. By studying series of characters that share a common phonetic root students can easily learn 20-30 new characters in a single lesson. The Chinese Character course uses this methodology to help students easily study over 2000 of the most commonly used characters. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: Google+: FREE Mandarin Chinese Course here: Dynamic Mandarin Chinese Dictionary here:

A lot of my viewers ask me for advice on how to improve language comprehension when learning a second language. Well, first of all, don't think of it as a second language, and that will help you a lot, but that's not what this video is about. This video is about my secret on how to practice listening. It's so simple and intuitive once you realize what I'm doing. Hope you enjoy this video, and let me know what your secret is for language learning! Also, if you want more of this type of video, let me know! Shoutout to David for asking this question!

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