Vodou Ceremony, Haiti, Bon Repos

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sorel fenelon haitian vodou sosyete negre pa jambe bon houngan leve kanzo 7-24-12

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Master Voudou Drummers of Haiti

The recent tragic news from Haiti reminded me of a trip I took there in 2002 with Welsh recording artist Christopher Rees. We came across some of the best drumming I've ever heard. These two short clips give a taste of the superb musicianship that could be found in that impoverished but in many ways inspiring country. The first is from a rehearsal of a dance troupe in Port au Prince - the second from a Voudou ceremony we were lucky enough to be invited to attend, at a hidden location the heart of that city (back when it was still just about standing). Unforgettable. We have mixed our recordings from those and other sessions on to a CD that we are selling to raise funds for the Haiti relief effort. Purchase at: http://redeyemusicshop.bigcartel.com/product/haiti-vodou-the-voodoo-drums-of-haiti

Erzulie O - RAM

Haitian vodou Societe Linto Roi

Ceremonie Danthor de Mambo Tina,Ceremonie chay... Societe Linto invite all of you to the greatest Spiritual Healing in south Florida On Dec. 31 - Jan.3 2012 @ 8:00 Pm to X Morning come with open hearts to receive your blessings For info Call 786-287-0754 or 786-493-5553

Vodou Ceremony with Flute at Lakou Bon Kira Leogane

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