Vodou Ceremony, Haiti, Bon Repos

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Haitian Vodou

What is Haitian Vodou? In this piece, Haitians tell us about this New World Afro-diasporic faith unique to their country, and we pay a visit to Le Péristyle de Mariana, the seat of Haitian Vodou and home of Vodou's Official Chief, Max-G. Beauvoir.

Master Voudou Drummers of Haiti

The recent tragic news from Haiti reminded me of a trip I took there in 2002 with Welsh recording artist Christopher Rees. We came across some of the best drumming I've ever heard. These two short clips give a taste of the superb musicianship that could be found in that impoverished but in many ways inspiring country. The first is from a rehearsal of a dance troupe in Port au Prince - the second from a Voudou ceremony we were lucky enough to be invited to attend, at a hidden location the heart of that city (back when it was still just about standing). Unforgettable. We have mixed our recordings from those and other sessions on to a CD that we are selling to raise funds for the Haiti relief effort. Purchase at: http://redeyemusicshop.bigcartel.com/product/haiti-vodou-the-voodoo-drums-of-haiti

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granne and agaou in haitian vodou

the arrival of granne and salutation of agaou and lots more...


During the weeklong Vodou ceremony at Lakou Souvnans (Souvenance Mystique) in Gonaives, Haiti servitors sing and dance in honor of the spirit or deity (lwa) called Loko. Loko is honored closely with Legba and Ayizan and is said to reside in trees and therefore have healing knowledge using herbs. Loko is the high priest of the lwa and controls the poto mitan.

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