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McLaren 570S vs. McLaren 675LT - Another £200,000?

► Subscribe to My Channel Here: Is the McLaren 675LT worth another £200,000 more than the McLaren 570S? Lets find out... You can check out more of my octane filled days here:

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$2.5Million Lamborghini Centenario CAUSES CHAOS in London!

Check out the moment a 1 of 20, $2.5million Lamborghini Centenario was delivered to HR Owen Lamborghini London. The moment caused quite a stir and drew a large crowd of spotters to capture the moment. (Vlogs will return next week) Leave a like on the video if you enjoyed. Comment your thoughts and opinions. Share with your friends. Subscribe to be notified of any new uploads from me in future. Thanks for watching! :) Keep up to date with all my latest content by following me on: FaceBook: Instagram: Outro music: 'Strafe' | Chuki Beats


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How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S

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McLaren tease 570s 'Longtail': Update!| | Review Car

Update, 13.06.18 Well, there you go. Short of doing away with the cover altogether and having the exhaust manifold open to the heavens, it hardly seems like McLaren could have been more direct with the LT's new top-exit tailpipes. You can draw your own conclusions about the styling implications, but we rather like the result, which are pleasingly reminiscent of Harrier jet nozzles. Or something. Certainly they're going to be on the warm side with the engine running. Just visible south of them is...

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