Infamous: Second Son ★ All Powers Showcase / All Powers and Abilities 【1080p HD】

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inFamous Second Son: How Delsin Got His Powers

This is how Delsin first discovered his powers he never knew he had on inFamous Second Son. Talk about right place at the right time man.

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► Time Stamp:

Neutral Karma - Smoke: 0:00
Neutral Karma - Neon: 3:00
Neutral Karma - Video: 6:00
Neutral Karma - Concrete: 8:34
Good Karma Exclusives: 10:37
Evil Karma Exclusives: 14:49

► Video Info:

This video showcases all powers and abilities in Infamous: Second Son. It includes all 4 powers - smoke, neon, video, and concrete - for good karma, evil karma, and neutral karma (meaning available for both karma routes).

I tried to show each power/ability a few times and sometimes in different situations to show you what you can do with them. Of course I am sure there are many other ways you can experiment with!

Maybe it will give you a good idea of what the game is about to decide if you want to get it. Or maybe it can help you decide which karma route to play first when you get the game. Either way, hope it helps and hope you enjoy!

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