[Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood] Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floors 21 - 30

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With this, we have completed Heaven on Hight Deep Dungeon.

Wonder how to advance from Floor 30.

Link to the Whole Deep Dungeon Side Quest Story and Dungeon Runs:

Side Quest #1: Knocking on Heaven's Door

Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floors 1 - 10:

Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floor 10 Cutscene:

Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floors 11 - 20:

Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floor 20 Cutscene

Heavens on High (HoH) Deep Dungeon: Floors 21 - 30:

Heavens on High Side Quest #2: On the Shoulders of Giants (FIN)

HoH Splinter of Magicite Usage:
Titan: https://youtu.be/1vJF_0cQe1U
Garuda: https://youtu.be/YMTYA5Hmqos
Ifrit: https://youtu.be/JyorWJe8HVc

Hope you enjoy the video.... :)

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