Jetblue A320 Full Flight | LGB - RNO | My First Jetblue Experience

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Why Flying is So Expensive

Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: Productions Flying is expensive, really expensive, but only kinda, and it's only partially the airlines' fault. Big thank you to Real Engineering for the collab in this video. Make sure to check him out at Please consider sharing this video on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. Twitter: Email: Sources:,5.htm,16.htm Attributions: a320 interior image courtesy of Airbus and used under fair use a320 footage courtesy Select footage courtesy of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Ticket Price Graph source Carpe Diem Blog Select satellite imagery courtesy of Bing Select footage provided by VideoBlocks LLC Music provided Epidemic Sound Select maps provided by OpenStreetMap Select maps provided by Google Maps Select visuals provided by Wikipedia Commons Licenses available upon request Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 or fair use guidelines

Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: MY WEBSITE: TFC-Flight Training Centre: Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. Today´s topic is one of the most ask passenger question, "Can a passenger land a plane?". There are so many rumours about this question, it´s just not true. So a few facts. My friend Carolin, has no connection to the aviation world besides from flying to holiday once in a while, obviously as a passenger. Now as soon as she sat down, the hardest part was establishing a communication between her and me, the ATC controller. Carolin was totally overwhelmed with all the switches and buttons, that it took nearly 20 minutes to find the push to talk button. In a real-life situation, if a plane does not respond within 20 minutes, fighter jets will be on their way intercepting the aeroplane as it causes a potential threat to national security, depending which land you´re flying across. Once communication was established, I had to give her instructions on how to set up the approach phase for an automatic landing, better known as AUTOLAND procedure. The AUTOLAND allows pilots to perform a fully automated landing in bad visual conditions, known as CAT3 approaches. More about that in future videos. Once the approach set up was completed, I had to give her instructions to familiarize with important levers and switches, such as the landing gear lever, the flaps, flight control computer and much more. Later I guided her via radar vectors towards the airport, constantly descending and reducing the speed accordingly. But see for yourself. My opinion if a passenger can land a plane. I´ll be honest with you! It´s impossible! We needed three attempts to just establish basic communication and Carolin accidentally brought the aircraft into a stall. Don´t ask how! And she was pretty nervous, although she knew it was a simulator. Imagine the anxiety in a real plane!? I know that there are many videos out there where apparently the passenger landed the plane, but all of the passengers had some kind of flying background. And the likelihood of both pilots being incapacitated is very unlikely. BIG THANK YOU TO TFC KÄUFER for making this video possible such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator, here a few more facts about the used simulation: Scenery ORBX A320 Flightsimlabs Simulator Prepar3D v4.1 I hope you enjoyed this video and where able to learn something from it as well. Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe Background track: Stellardone - Airglow Outro Song: Joakim Karud & Dyalla - Wish you were here Equipment I use: Camera: Microphone: Lights: ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ARE OWNED BY FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE.COM ANY COPYING OR ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING AND PUBLISHING ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL FOLLOW LEGAL CONSEQUENCES

JetBlue A320 Early-Morning Flight BOS-MCO

Come with me as I board a JetBlue Airbus A320 from Boston to Orlando! My sister had a soccer tournament down in San Juan, Puerto Rico so we all had to leave freezing cold Massachusetts for 80-degree weather and sunshine! This flight was very early in the morning and I apologize if my videotaping is not as good as it could be. I had a swim meet and then was out with friends the previous night and only got 2 hours of sleep before having to wake up to drive to Logan at 3:00 A.M. The flight was very smooth with just the occasional bump and the worst part had to be the annoying kids sitting right behind me who wouldn't just shut up and go to sleep for the ENTIRE flight! I hope you enjoy this video as well as find it informal! Please leave it a like if you enjoyed it! Thanks fr watching and stay tuned for more!!!!! FAQ: Airline: JetBlue Airways Aircraft: Airbus A320-232 Aircraft Registration: N564JB Aircraft Delivery: 06/06/2003 MSN: 2020 Aircraft Name: Absolute Blue Engines: 2 x IAE V2527-A5 Seat: 15F Flight #: B651 Destination: Orlando International Airport (MCO) Date: 01/27/2017

Top 10 Airplane Things You Don't Know The Purpose Of

Airplanes have had wings, controls and some kind of motor but planes have evolved significantly. The commercial airliner you fly in now has features that Orville and Wilbur wouldn’t have dreamed of. Here are 10 things you might not know about modern aircraft. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Be Amazed at... The mysterious triangle symbol over your seat - When you board a modern jet aircraft, you’re probably looking for your seat number and for the nearest emergency exit. The flange sticking out of the wing - While you’re waiting to leave the gate, you’re probably staring out the window at the wings that are going to carry you off this Earth. The hum when you board the plane - Have you noticed that there’s an omnipresent drone while you’re waiting for the last passenger to board the plane? Tomato juice - Do you find yourself ordering a tomato juice when you’re on a plane? Opening window shades for landings and take-offs - I bet you thought the window shades were installed on planes so you can sleep during long flights. Winglets - Airplanes are always a tug-of-war between the thrust of the engines and aerodynamic drag. Sidestick - Back in the day of the first planes, pilots were known as “stick and rudder men”, steering the plane by the power of their arms and legs pushing on control cables. Bleed air system - While the Wright Brothers’ Flyer barely flew above the dunes at Kittyhawk, today jetliners fly higher than the tallest mountains. The eye level indicator on cockpit window - Pilots come in all sizes - and just like your car, planes have adjustable seats for them. The hole in your window - Since cabin pressure is so important, you might not think a hole in your window is a good thing. - Lufthansa Airbus A380 - Departure from San Francisco [English Subtitles]

The crew pushback, taxi and take off from San Francisco enroute to Frankfurt. Captain Juergen Raps retirement flight. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit to purchase full video. Thank you.

Join me as I fly from Long Beach to Reno on Jetblue's Even More Space Seat.

Flight Details:

Flight #: B6 0042
Aircraft Name: Liberty Blue
Aircraft Registration: N590JB
Seat: 4F
Departure Airport: Long Beach Airport LGB
Arrival Airport: Reno/Tahoe Airport RNO
Departure Time: 11:32am
Actual: 11:43am
Arrival Time: 1:05pm
Actual: 12:45pm
Flight Duration: 58min Approx.
Aircraft Type: A320-200
Engine Type: IAE V2527-A5 x2
Budget for Tickets on this Trip : $300
Spent: $162 Approx.
Price for this Flight: $49 ($29 Base Ticket + $20 for Even More Space)

Comments: First time on Jetblue. First time getting Even More Space. First time flying LGB-RNO. First time flying out of Long Beach. First time flying into Reno/Tahoe.

A great experience overall on Jetblue. I would definitely fly again on them sometime in the future. I give them a solid 4 and a half stars. Staff could have been a bit more engaging. Other than that a great flight. Stay tuned for my return trip to LAX via OAK and SFO.

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