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5 Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

The top 5 gym and diet mistakes preventing you from losing belly fat fast. Learn how to lose belly fat fast and avoid these top 5 common fat loss mistakes that stop weight loss. These workout, exercises, and diet strategies are for men and women. Enjoy! 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: Fat Loss Calculator: If you're struggling with losing some stubborn belly fat, I have great news for you because today I'm going over 5 of the biggest fat loss mistakes you're probably making that are preventing you from losing belly fat and some of these mistakes may even be causing you to gain even more overall body and belly fat. You're going to want to pay close attention to this video because these mistakes are very common and so many of you are making these mistakes right now without even knowing it. This is most likely due to the fact that a lot of the mainstream knowledge that you've received over the years about how fat loss works turns out to not be totally untrue. so let's jump right in and bust these myths so you can be on your way to losing more body fat and getting rid of that belly in no time. The first mistake that I want to go over is simply counting calories without considering the impact that specific types of calories have on your body. A study that was done at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia found that not only was abdominal fat a strong marker for insulin resistance, but it may also be the major determining factor of insulin resistance. This is important to consider because certain foods will spike insulin more than others. If abdominal fat is linked to insulin resistance we want to do everything we can to improve our insulin sensitivity. Typically carbohydrates will have the biggest impact on your insulin levels, protein will have a moderate impact, and fat will have the smallest impact. Insulin is a hormone that prevents fat loss and encourages fat storage. This is why just lumping protein, carbs, and fats all into one category as calories can have a negative effect on your ability to lose belly fat. Not everyone's body will respond to ally types of calories the same. Some people are able to eat tons of carbs and their body is very good at burning those carbs off, on the other hand you have a lot of people that are very carb sensitive. If you're only counting calories right now you should instead try some diet approaches that decrease insulin levels. Decreasing carbohydrate consumption is one of the best ways to lower insulin levels, but keep in mind a really high intake of protein especially dairy based protein sources can also shoot insulin levels way up. That's why one of the best ways you can lower insulin levels is by fasting. If you've never done fasting before you can start with a 16 hour fast followed by and 8 hour feeding period. Once your body adapts you can try a 20 hour fast followed by a 4 hour feeding period. Then you can work your way to having only one meal per day, and eventually into a 36 hour fast. Fasting is by far one of the best ways to lower insulin levels and to burn fat fast. The next mistake is not doing anything about controlling your cravings and appetite. If you just try to force yourself into eating less and moving more, but you do nothing to satisfy your appetite it's a matter of time before you give in, binge, and ruin all your hard work. There are two simple things you can do right away to reduce cravings and appetite.....increase fiber intake, and eat more vegetables. Vegetables will help fill your stomach up and when you feel full your appetite will drop significantly. Certain studies on fiber have also found that when you have a high fiber intake some of the calories from other food you eat don't get absorbed. Researchers say that doubling fiber intake could reduce the amount of calories you absorb by a substantial amount. It could even be reduced by as much as 130 calories. Another thing you can do is try to drink 1 to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in water because studies have shown that the acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar could reduce your appetite. To decrease cravings especially cravings for junk food, processed food, and sweets one of the best things you can do is once again fasting. When your used to eating high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and added sugar you desensitize the reward center of your brain. When you fast you reset your pallate and allow yourself to appreciate the taste and satisfaction that you can get from real food. Fasting is not the only way to do this. You can also reset your pallate by spending a few weeks only allowing yourself to eat real single ingredient foods. Let's move on to the next very common mistake that most people especially beginners make. It's centered around this belief that there are some exercises that will directly burn your belly right off.


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