Product Review: Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

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Tool Review: Nova Voyager DVR 58000 Drill Press

Check out my review of the Nova Voyager DVR 58000 floorstanding drill press. It's a really great drill press with a lot of new innovative features. This video coves the unboxing, setup, and basic operations of the drill press as well as my initial impressions. Follow me on Facebook: Support me on Patreon: Nova Voyager Drill Press:

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When I walk up to my miter saw and make a cut, I want to know for a fact that the cuts I’m making are accurate. Whether I’m making a 90-degree cut, an angled cut or a beveled cut, I put the same demands on the saw; do what I’m asking you to do. Accurately. SETTING UP YOUR MITER SAW Miter saw setup isn’t hard, and it’s something that needs to be done, even to a brand new saw. You’ve got to double check and make sure the saw is making the cuts you need. Instead of trying to use a square between the blade and fence, try this approach for checking your saw. Make a pair of cuts, and compare them to each other. This is a very accurate way to that your miter saw setup is good. Here’s a tip; the wider the boards are that you cut, the more accurate this test will be. WORKS FOR BEVELS AND ANGLES The approach shown here for miter saw setup works whether you’re checking the angle of your miter saw, or the bevel of your miter saw. The only difference is that you’ll use narrower boards to check the bevel. In both cases, make sure that the edge of the board that’s against the fence or down on the table is perfectly straight. A MUCH USED TOOL… If you’re like me, you’re using your miter saw all the time. Make sure that you’re using a miter saw correctly and, if you want to know more, but sure to have a close look at because we’ve got even more miter saw videos available for you. MORE INFO For more information on the Delta Cruzer miter saw visit, or call (800) 223-7278. For more of our woodworking videos, visit

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In this video we review 5 woodworking tips for your drill press. The Drill Press is often and after-thought tool, but once you get one you can't imagine living without, but it's the one tool where accessories can really make a difference in your drilling, like drill press vice, sanding drums, a set of forstner bits, brad tipped drill bits, twist bit drill bits and so on and to make them all quicker and easier to use, I have adapted my drill press area more convenient to use them these drills. ****************** Woodworking Tips and Tricks Playlist: 5 Woodworking Hacks for Clamps: 5 Woodworking Tips for the Table Saw: ****************** **** Learn more about Drill Press Tips with the Full Article here: **** Subscribe here - ** Like me at Facebook: ** Visit the website: ** Follow on Instagram - ** Follow on Twitter: ** Connect with me on Google+:

Lots of tools cross our paths, and every once in a while a tool really grabs our attention. The Nova drill press is a great example of that.

Let’s jump right into one of my most-loved features on this machine; electronic variable speed. No step pulleys, no belt to move…Changing speeds is as easy as turning the dial on a dimmer switch. You know what that means? You’re actually going to change the speeds when you’re supposed to. And the digital readout tells you exactly what rpm you’re using. Gotta love that. But wait, there’s more:

– 6” long stroke
– Easy to use depth stops, mechanical and electronic
– On board rpm guide based on type of drill bit, diameter of drill bit, and material being drilled
– Auto shut off when the bit hits your preset depth of drill
– Self start. The machine is capable of auto starting just above your work so you don’t have to hit the on switch
– Pilot setting. Great for round stock. The drill press starts on a low rpm, and automatically ramps up to the proper speed once the hole is started. No need to center punch.
– Capable of running in both forward and reverse
– Presets available (like buttons on a radio) that will take you to a specific rpm
– Brake. Big drill bit in the machine? No problem. The electronic brake will stop the bit when you shut the machine off so it doesn’t free wheel forever.
– Large table, great for woodworking.

To learn more about the Nova Voyager Drill press visit or call 727-954-3433. You can also view the drill press on

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