DIY Watermelon Juice Tricks

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Begini Cara yang Benar Memotong ikan Tuna | Skil dewa motong ikan

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Carving a Southwestern Desert Cane

MIKE STINNETT CARVES A ONE OF A KIND CANE In this video Mike features the Southwestern Desert with a carved Cholla Cactus skeleton, Mouse, Sidewinder Rattlesnake and a Scorpion! (transcribed below) *! CHECK OUT THE TOOL LINKS!* * STORE *MINI GRINDER *INDUSTRIAL BLADE *MAKITA= ANGLE GRINDER *SAND DISK *FARRIER'S RASP *VERSA TOOL BURNER *MICRO MOTOR HAND PIECE *RAZERTIP WOOD BURNING AND PYROGRAPHY SUPPLY As an Amazon Affiliate I earn fees for qualifying purchases PURCHASE Channel Music by Mike Stinnett and his daughter Theresa Stinnett. HERE: A special thanks to Jered Gillispie for letting us use his fine, original, banjo tunes. You can purchase some of his music * HERE*: UPDATES, TIPS, TUTORIAL ON PATREON: To Help Support the Channel and get Carving Tips and Tutorials, Photo Updates on my latest carvings and walking stick projects and Behind the Scenes Videos. TRANSCRIPTION "I like to make walking sticks that tell a story." "This one will represent the desert of the Southwest." "It is going to feature a Sidewinder Rattlesnake, a Scorpion and a little mouse on top." "I want to make the shaft of the cane look like a Cholla Cactus skeleton." "Cholla Cactus makes a good hide-out for mice." Translate Here:

Charge Phone with Lemon in 10 Seconds 100%

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