Talking Tuesday Q & A with the Starch Queens - June 5, 2018

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Talking Tuesday Q&A with the Starch Queens - "Ask the Doctor" - 5/29/18

Talking Tuesday Q&A with the Starch Queens - "Ask the Doctor" - 5/29/18: Dr. David Duniaef - Starch Queens - In this episode... Theme - Plant vs animal protein, what is the difference? Benefits and Harms. Question 1 Marilyn Liquore said this was sent to her.... and she wants to know if there is any truth or research to into this? Kale is a neurotoxin and can actually absorb too much of a heavy metal toxin called thallium out of the ground. What are your thoughts. Question # 2 From Starch Queen member Teresa Adams: How can diet help with a sluggish small intestine. Question #3 Susan Davis asks "I have heard that a plant based diet will help us live longer. I read it has something to do with the telomeres and cell division. Would you explain this? Question # 4 Teresa D. asks I have heard mushrooms are really healthy... but yet they are a fungus...which could contain toxins.... So what should we do? Should we eat mushrooms? Latest Research Effect of Water on Kidney Function -

Talking Tuesday Q&A with the Starch Queens - Sept 11, 2018

Question from Fran Batzer: I have a question about supplements for hair, skin & nails. I have been plant-based for 7+ years Now and my nails are weak and have ridges on them. 1. Enjoy foods with silica, like millet and leafy green veggies. Among its many important duties, silica helps deliver nutrients to the peripherals of the body, i.e. hair, skin, and nails. Foods to incorporate: alfalfa, radish, romaine lettuce, burdock root, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, steel-cut oats, millet, and leafy greens 2. Avoid foods that deplete your body of minerals. Trans fats, found in some processed and fast foods, interfere with the body’s ability to absorb healthy fatty acids (like those found in avocados, nuts, and pure plant oils). Think of your healthy fats as moisturizer from the inside-out. Our nails need healthy moisturizing to avoid becoming brittle and susceptible to damage. Sugar, too, can wreak beauty havoc by depleting the body of vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and sulfur. 3. Get enough protein. Hair and nails are made with proteins called keratin. Without enough dietary protein, the body won’t have the proper building blocks to create strong and healthy nails. Fortunately, getting enough protein on a vegan diet can be easy and delicious (as evidenced here.) 4. Be friends with biotin (vitamin B7). Biotin is one of the more well-known hair-skin-and-nails superstars and is often found in beauty products. Biotin in shampoo, for example, may not be as absorbable as dietary biotin, however—so eat up! Oddly, biotins benefits for nails were first discovered when biotin supplements were used to prevent horses’ hooves from splitting! Incorporate berries, spinach, mushrooms, legumes, avocado, and cauliflower. The Plantritian project is starting this weekend. various types of starch there is and that eating potatoes doesn’t have to be your only starch source. 1. Potatoes 2. Rice (brown is better) We can share why 3. Whole Grains a. Wheat b. Oats c. Barley Share different ways to get your starch eating. Baked potato Soups with potatoes Air Fried Potatoes Potato boats Rice in bowls, burritos, salads, Quinoa in salads, soups taco’s, burrito’s. Supplements. • D3 and B12 • why don’t use others and why that is. how we succeed in this lifestyle.

Carole Klawansky - A 200 Pound Metamorphis

Carole Klawansky hit 349.8 and her BMI was 56.5, class 3 super obese. She has since lost almost 200 pounds and wants to reach a BMI of 22.9 and is almost there! She started struggling with food issues since her early teens and is going to share her story. Questions Tell us about growing up. Did you and your family face obesity issues? Talk about your addictions… What impact did they have on your life? The last time you flew was in 2009...tell me about that experience...and flying at that size What other issues did you have to deal with being that overweight? Before you began your plant based journey….What health issues were you faced with? So how did you learn about being plant based? What made you change? What was your ah-ha moment where the light bulb clicked? Did the doctors support you to change your diet? What did your doctors say or do for you along this journey? Do you have loose skin? Has your skin gone down? What made you want to change? You mentioned that intermittent fasting was a game changer for you… tell me about that! What are you most proud of? Gives a day in the life of Carole…. What do you eat in a day? What advice can you give to those who are just starting out plant based?

Talking Tuesday -Q&A with the Starch Queens Oct 2, 2018

Special Guest - Laura Wing, Judy Harff Today’s topics include What is your "Why". Why did you choose to live Whole Food Plant-Based? What is your Why Laura Wing, Judy Harff - share their “why” Lisa Sing’s “Why” From Starch Queen's Group Member: Lisa Sin Thank you for today's talk Nancy,” believe in yourself”, having that burning desire to complete, I Want. I want that so much, then this other side of me is saying, you can't do this ,you never will, but I do have moments when I do believe that maybe I can!!! My why is number 1 ---- for my health, and not being a burden to my family, so that I can enjoy life with them and not be on the bench watching life go by. My why also is to gain confidence in myself and really believe that I am worthy😊. Nancy & Jeanne share their why

Healthy Living with Chef AJ - Interview with Jeanne Schumacher, Ed.D.

Are the personal care and cleaning products you use each day actually safe? As a modern consumer, just how informed are you? In this eye-opening interview, you will learn how to become an empowered, educated, and healthier consumer. You will get the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate the maze of choices you face every day. Shop smarter, live greener, and feel better.

Talking Tuesday Q & A with the Starch Queens - June 5, 2018
In this episode we discuss:
The ever elusive protein and where do we get it from,
Testimonies from people in the Starch Queen's Program,
How often should you eat pasta?,
Which is a better choice? A banana or a potato?,
What is the Potato hour?
Would you eat the potato skin of a non-organic potato?
Why do I still have fat brain when I try on clothes?
Are multigrain rice cakes (No salt/sugar) ok to eat?
What is our go-to pizza crust?
What is the Trifecta Approach?
Benefits of exercise.
Should we go for 10,000 steps per day?
Environmental Toxins - Parabens, phtalates, triclosan
Become ingredient detective -

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