Do You Want Hair Density Like Salman Khan - Best Hair Transplant Treatment

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Salman khan Hair Transplant Video ( Interesting Insights)

+91 9999570494, email: satyaskinhair@gmailcom, Celebrity hair transplant is in news these days. Salman Khan has got a hair transplant done & it has become a huge hit amongst youth. People really love and appreciate Salman, and want to know exactly, what he has done. Some people think that he has got a FUT/ FUE/ synthetic hair implant or hair weaving. A lot of our patients ask about Salman Khan's hair transplant. Since we haven't done his hair transplant, we can't tell with surety what exactly he has done. The purpose of making this video is to educate people about all the options which are there in such cases of baldness. We routinely provide solutions to our patients with high grades of baldness, where we combine various techniques like FUT, FUE, Synthetic hair implants: Biofibre, Nido, Hair weaving, Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) or combinations of these techniques. Dr Shail Gupta is a hair transplant surgeon, well known for his artistic skills. He has done hair transplants of many celebrities & a lot of common men have become celebrities after getting a hair transplant from him. ********************************************************* Best compilation of cases with different techniques of hair restoration(FUT,FUE, combination methods(MHT), DSFT, BHT, PRP, Synthetic Hair Implant, Scalp Micropigmentation, Long Hair Transplant) is given in this video. Our Videos Synthetic Treatment Videos: PRP Treatment Videos: Fut & FUE Videos: Repair Hair Transplant Videos: Our Patient Testimonials: Our Patient Case Studies: Other Informative Videos: About Dr Shail Gupta Dr. Shail Gupta is a subconscious healer, musician & eminent Social Activist. He has been instrumental in bringing positive transformations to his patient’s lives. As a Life Coach Dr Shail understands the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle and helps his patients to create a road map towards health & vitality. To know more about Dr Shail, Please visit: To Visit his Motivational Videos click here: To know more About Satya Hair Clinic or to book an appointment Call us now at +91-9999570494 or write to us at To discuss Watsapp at +919212762612 Connect with us on Facebook: Connect with us on Instagram: Connect with us on Twitter: Connect with us on Google Plus:

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my whats app no:-7049845155 whats app me anytime . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- contact me About my channel :-My channel is based on hair problems related videos,but I am not stuck into making only those kind of videos .MY other interests are self developement ,motivational ,mysteries,motovlogging etc.I will make most of the videos on hair transplant and hair related problems ,but you will get some glimses on different topic also .SO if you think we can make a good pair please come and join us by cliking that subscribe button and pressing the bell icon thanks . may god bless you. Not only us actors and politicians also suffered from hair loss. What they did and what solution they chosen, you will know in this video.#tannudada

Do You Want Hair Density Like Salman Khan - Best Hair Transplant Treatment.

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A Receding hair line is never good news for an actor, especially if you are Salman Khan. It can cause an actor to have anxious moments and sleepless nights, just by the mere thought, what if I lose my hair? Will the audience accept me, if I go bald? The same started to happen with Salman Khan in 2002, when he started to lose his natural hair.
This story is more than a decade old, but is still relevant for the mere fact, what we get to learn from it. The world of plastic/cosmetic surgeons is shady, and whenever an important actor/actress is involved in such procedures, the entire information is tightly kept under wraps. The same happened in Salman Khan's hair transplant procedure. The actor was photographed bald in 2003, after a failed attempt of hair restoration in India.

In Focus

In 2005, he was photographed with visible scars on his head, apparently from the surgery which was performed on him in 2003, in India. Unconfirmed sources reveled that he traveled to Dubai in 2007, where an American doctor performed another hair transplant procedure on him. The identity of the doctor who initiated the procedure was never revealed.
Between the period beginning 2007 to 2013, Salman Khan made many trips to Dubai, where the hair transplant was done on him in stages. It is believed that synthetic fiber was woven into his scalp as Salman did not want natural hair (for some reasons, best known to him). The doctor did achieve perfection this time, as Salman's hair look real and natural. But his scalp bears the scars from multiple hair restoration procedures which may never heal. Also but withstanding the fact that the introduction of synthetic hair will continue to inflict further damage, unless removed.
But Salman Khan is Salman Khan, he is rich and famous. He has all the money in the world to spend on plastic/cosmetic surgeons. Millions of rupees remain invested in his movies, so it was his compulsion to undergo such a painful procedure, and he did, only to fall into the trap of a novice surgeon. I don't even want to blame him, as cosmetic surgeries are shady domains. It is difficult to know about reputations of cosmetic surgeons before they actually perform a procedure on you.
People like you and I who are commoners, at times feel desired to look better and get tempted to visit a cosmetic surgeon. But there is much to be learned from this incident. Salman Khan had the money to choose the best surgeon, but ended up with a botched up hair transplant, so what chance do commoners like us have of finding a decent cosmetic surgeon, considering our meager financial resources? Maybe not even 1 in a 100, so the next time you are tempted to go for a cosmetic surgery, think about this story. Trust me, external beauty is not everything. Be happy with what god gave you and avoid going under the knife.

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