Documentary on The History of Studebaker (source unknown)

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Great Cars: AVANTI

The stylish and fast 1963 Avanti was the last ditch hope for Studebaker. The automaker was on the verge of bankruptcy. It needed a hot seller to remain in business. Studebaker's president called in famed designer Raymond Loewy and within weeks the automaker had a car. Although the $5000 fiberglass Avanti was just too expensive for most car buyers and it didn't save Studebaker --- the Avanti would live on. Over the next three decades, Avanti lovers would try to keep the dream alive, buying the company and making changes here and there to the timeless design. But in 1991, it was the end of the line for the Avanti. No one rode in on a white horse and no one had dreams of a booming car company. The only surviving Avanti factory is in Youngstown, Ohio. The plant no longer manufacturers cars it's just a parts warehouse. But Avanti enthusiasts still hold onto the dream that someone will always resurrect their beloved car. EP 306

Avanti - Full Documentary

Ten Minute History - The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Short Documentary)

Twitter: Patreon: This episode of Ten Minute History (like a documentary, only shorter) covers the birth, rise, stagnation and swift fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Beginning with the 1848 Revolutions through the 1867 compromise this episode will take a look at the political and social issues the empire had. It covers the reign of Ferdinand, Franz Joseph and Karl I (Charles I) and how the empire launched the First World War which would ultimately be its downfall. The episode finishes by cover the treaties which were signed after the war and carved up the empire into the nations of eastern and central Europe. Ten Minute History is a series of short, ten minute animated narrative documentaries that are designed as revision refreshers or simple introductions to a topic. Please note that these are not meant to be comprehensive and there's a lot of stuff I couldn't fit into the episodes that I would have liked to. Thank you for watching, though, it's always appreciated. Recommended books: A Concise History of Austria - Steven Beller. A fantastic book which covers all of Austrian History whilst pointing out the relevant parts of Hungarian history, too. The Last Years of Austria-Hungary - Mark Cornwall.

Kaiser-Frazer Documentary - The Men and The Car

Short documentary film about Kaiser-Frazer, a short lived independent car company that produced automobiles from 1947-1955.

Studebaker Car history

Studebaker Car history

This documentary I managed to pull out of the bowels of the Internet not too long ago. It was supposedly first aired on the Discovery channel, but I would take this with a grain of salt. It's still very good though!


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