Destiny 2 warmind part 7 - Strange terrain

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Destiny 2 - How to Get Every Exotic!! (The Best Methods to Farm Exotics!)

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Destiny 2 - Worlds Fastest Prestige Leviathan [19:01]

First off: This run is showing our team making progress towards a sub 1830 run! This is a good time but has major timeloss in Dogs and due to getting a doubble cutscene on Calus. This did beat the old Record of 21:23 by almost 2:30. How where we able to beat our old time by so much? 4 major reasons cause this major time save: 1) The Rotation: The 21:23 was done on Pools-Dogs-Gauntlet and this is the reverse. This weeks rotation ends up beeing faster because of our entrance skip and the fact that we only have to pass the irrigation pipes once. 2) The Entrance Skip: All of us have to do a cannon launch into a loading zone next to the Gauntlet Encounter (i know im bad at swordskating). Because of Warlock Skating its not a timeloss having warlocks due the skip as well. It happens to be the case that warlocks are actually faster for this skip. 3) Raid Mods: Helmet, Gauntlets and Classitem Raid Mods all give huge damage buffs which benefit the run in every section by a bit. 4) The Baths Skip: Once we get to baths, we have 1 blink warlock (in this case me) sitting underneath the vent, while the rest of the team 5mans the encounter. Once the Damage phase on the lanterns starts im already starting to run towards calus. This makes the draindoor open itself and is overall around a 30second timesafe. All Players who leave the team join on the 1 Titan. Everyone else swaps to celestial nighthawk hunters. (We lost time compared to usual runs due to getting a doubble cutscene: with the rejoining part of the team it gets a rng/hardware factor of getting a second cutscene or not if you are going for the earliest possible join) The Rest of the strategies used are listed below: Pools - Pools is basically a hammer Titan spam now. The lamps get destroyed by hammers very quickly, rather than using Merciless. We used Masterworks weapons to spawn orbs to guarantee supers. Dogs - Dogs is gathering a x24 stack (2 flowers). Due to us having to kill 8 Dogs that is the best balance between a low amount of flowers and a high enough damage buff. With the Go Fast Update Shotguns got major buffs and made Legend of Acrius an outstanding gun to use which performs extremely well on Dogs and happens to be a lot better than Cluster Rockets. (The timeloss here is me dying and not finishing my dog. I was very sure the dog was in his position already which means i can start the damage. Since he wasnt my grenade and novabomb kicks him around making it hard to damage him properly. The beasthandler didnt have any mercy so i sadly died.) Gauntlet - This requires on Prestige everyone to run. So we decided to have our warlocks run first while the entire floor is there. After that 2 Titans run each round. The clear of enemies is where the most time can be saved which is why we all use Midnight Coup and all the titans use Legend of Acrius. Calus - Calus utilizes the skull spawn ratio mechanic. This means that depending on the ratio of people in the realm compared to the people in the throne room, more or less skulls will spawn in the realm. Most previous speedruns utilized a 2:4 throne/realm ratio. We ran an even 3:3 to start. However, once the skulls were about to start spawning, 1 player killed themselves in throne (we cant have more people die due to revive tokens). This allowed for an 3:2 ratio of skulls. That guarantees the fastest way to get a 100 stack and beeing ready. Then the revive gets picked up when i am about to stun calus and we wait for everyone to get out of space. The moment i see the first players come threw to throne i start the countdown for stepping on. 4 Celestials, 1 Novabomb Warlock and 1 Striker Titan using all their Rockets, Grenades and Supers leads into a easy 1 Plate as long as all Nighthawks hit their precision hit (1 of our Nighthawks missed this time due to him leaving the realm way to late which costed us the 1plate). Team: Chevy (Warlock/Hunter) Eclipse (Titan) Ferdog (Titan/Hunter): Raya (Titan/Hunter) FrankUK (Titan/Hunter) Indica (Warlock) Outro Song: Lucid Truth by Blackmill Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed make sure to like, subscribe and hit the 🔔 Bell Button to join the notification Squad. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitch: Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to me: Join the Discord:

Destiny 2 - 40 SLEEPER NODES! 45 DATA FRAGMENTS! Exotic Loot!

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Destiny 2: How to Get The WORLDLINE ZERO Exotic Sword! | Warmind Expansion

Showcasing the complete guide for how to complete the Exotic Quest to get the new Worldline Zero Exotic Sword from the Warmind Expansion for Destiny 2! → COMPLETE EATER OF WORLDS RAID LAIR GUIDE: → TOP 5 MASTERWORK AUTO RIFLES: The New Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion (dlc 2) showcased it's features from the new Trailer that released recently! we have new dlc exotics, the new escalation protocol activity, a Worm God, and a New Raid lair (the Spire of Stars Raid Lair), but in this video we're going over how to get the new worldline zero dlc exotic sword, by getting data fragments! --- Official Merch: --- My Twitter: --- My Twitch Channel:

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