Best Budget Stylus Pen for Smartphones & Tablet !!! (Android, iOS, Windows)

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Engineer Your Own Stylus

Jared challenges students to engineer a stylus that works on tablets or smartphones. If you would like to learn more about how a touch screen works, check out this link: Check out more videos like this on our channel FunScienceDemos, and do not forget to subscribe and click the bell to stay updated on new videos! Additional resources meeting Next Generation Science Standards for elementary through high school can be found at our website:


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Active vs Capacitive Styluses for Drawing

The perfect stylus for your tablet really depends on what you're using. Capacitive styluses generally work the same across different tablets or touchscreen devices. Digital styluses usually support only the OS and products they are made for. Check out all the styluses I've reviewed at Find me on Youtube: ParkaBlogs: Facebook: Twitter: Flickr: Tumblr: Instagram: Gumroad: Patreon:

Handmade Stylus pen/S pen Using a pencil | Nishant Kashyap

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LCD Writing Tablet review - Future Slate chalk (Rs. 1,100)

The LCD writing tablet is a very good option for students, for taking notes, memos etc. Here is the LCD Writing Tablet/ Pad review that will give you an idea what this device can do. You can buy this for $17 that comes to approx Rs. 1,100. LCD Writing Tablet unboxing Inside the box you will get the tablet, 2x pens and carry pouch. LCD Writing Tablet design and features This is a light weight writing pad, not exactly a tablet that you might have thought of. It is made of plastic, very light weight at 110 grams and very slim with a 4.5mm thickness. This writing pad comes with 2 stylus (pens), you can use the pen provided or other similar pens. This is pressure sensitive device, when you use pen it will leave a light green color impression on the black screen. There is a delete button you can press that button to erase the content on the screen. This LCD Writing Tablet comes with a 8.5 inch screen, there are other writing tablets available with different screen sizes and priced accordingly. LCD Writing Tablet / Pad review The quality is very good, is durable and there is a removable cell battery that works only with the delete button. This means that if you remove the battery you can still write on the screen but to erase you will need to use the delete button and it will only work when there is a battery inside. Also since the delete function is the only thing that needs the battery, the battery will last for up to 2 years. Verdict I tried using my hand pressure, thumb / finger pressure and there was nothing recorded on the screen. If you use sharp object like the pen or your nail you will get the impression. As for the writing experience it was very smooth, as if you are writing on a paper. A very good option for students for rough use, for memos, notes etc. you can think of many other scenarios where paper usage can be reduced. Rating 4.2 out of 5 LCD Writing Tablet with 8.5 inch screen is available for $17 (approx Rs. 1,100) you can import it into India and there is no custom duty you need to pay. Buy this from Banggood. Buy this from - Read this at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Xiaomi Mi A2 Unboxing - first impression, specifications, official launch on 8th August" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Best stylus pen for smartphones, tablet, ipad and laptop under 300 Rs, This is amazon basics capacitive touch stylus review. see and compare it with a cheap 50 Rs stylus.

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5 Cool Smarthpone Gadgets Under 100 :

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