Gran Turismo Sport | Playstation VR VS PS4 | Grapchics Comparison | Comparativa

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GT Sport PSVR with GIMX and motion simulator

Accuforce DD wheel and other custom racing devices by GIMX You can check detail of it as below link Motion simulator works with Joystick plugin on Simtools 2.1 It takes motion data from controllers It only works for surge, sway and gear impact when it takes input from controller so it's very poor than native motion supported games ex. PCARS2 You can check the detail of joystick plugin as below link. List of using apps GIMX launcher Simtools 2.1 (joystick plugin) PP joy & PP joyjoy (for combine serveral controllers) List of Devices R-Craft motion simulator Accuforce Pro V1 HE ultimate Pedal DSD handbrake type.3 Simworx Sequential shifter Enjoy. :)

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive - Which One is Best?

Here we comparison the Sony PlayStation VR vs the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Watch our Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive Comparison: More Info on the PlayStation VR: More info on the Oculus Rift: More info on The HTC Vive: More Info on the PS4 Pro: UK links: More Info on the PlayStation VR: More info on the Oculus Rift: More info on The HTC Vive: More Info on the PS4 Pro: Follow Me on Twitter Add us on google + Like us on our Facebook Page

Is Playstation VR Worth Buying? (Thoughts After 2 Weeks of Use)

I've had my Playstation VR for a weeks now, what do I like and dislike about it, and is it worth buying? My Unboxing and Initial thoughts video: My retro gaming podcast: My Facebook: My Twitter: My Website:

Is It Still Worth It To Get The PSVR In 2018? Playstation VR Review - Buy Or Pass?

The PSVR has been around since quite a while and the headset starts to look quite a bit dated as compared to the competition. Is it still worth it to pick one up in 2018 or should you rather go with another VR headset? That's what I discuss in this video! Get the PSVR and fitting accessories here: MRTV Discord Server to chat with me: Amazon Links: PSVR Skyrim Bundle $399: PSVR DOOM Bundle $349 These are the links to Amazon in the US! However, they also send them to Europe and probably other continents as well. Give it a shot! The above Amazon links are affiliate links. So if you buy through them, you support this channel! Thanks!

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