Saut-d'Eau, Haiti Pilgrimage

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Saut-d'Eau, Haiti Pilgrimage

pygmy pool

An impromptu pygmy pool party. These Ba'Aka women in the Central African Republic first played the river like a drum as they slapped the water. Then they held an unofficial diving competition to much cheering and laughter from the crowd of friends who gathered to watch.

巫毒信徒紀念守護神 瀑布沐浴除壞運 2015-07-22 TITV 原視新聞

瀑布流水傾倒而下,人群聚集沐浴,這裡是海地首都太子港北方的Saut d' Eau,每一年的七月中旬,海地的巫毒信仰者都會從全國各地來到這裡,紀念海地最著名的守護神"卡梅爾山聖母"。 信徒會用樹葉洗刷身體,相信在每一年這個時候來到這裡,用瀑布的水洗滌身體有淨化的功能,可以洗去壞運和罪惡,現場也可以看到信徒所點起的祈福蠟燭,還有巫毒祭師為信眾進行祈福儀式,用木碗盛裝樹葉和瀑布的水,一邊祈福一邊為信徒淨身。 "卡梅爾山聖母"是天主教迦密會對聖母瑪利亞的稱呼,據信在1847年時,曾在海地的一棵棕櫚樹上顯靈,自此被融合進海地傳統的巫毒信仰之中,海地的巫毒信徒將"卡梅爾山聖母"視為愛的女神。

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The Rift valley

Asefa was one of them, a young veterinarian who has decided to return home to practice its profession with the tribes of the Rift Valley. Wendesen tours this awesome geological crack to attend to the call of communities like the Konso, Mursi or the Hammer, who try to preserve their traditional way of life, but who need the help of science to protect animals that support the base of its economy. SUBSCRIBE here and check out the best tribal videos: Follow us and dont' miss anything: Facebook: Twitter: Discover more amazing documentaries on:

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